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KEY ACHIEVEMENTS                                            process allows  youth  to self-register  [using  mobile

                                                                                         OTP-based     verification],  receive   self-guided
                             •  New centres in new geographies: A new skill              counselling [chatbot-based], and be directed to the

                               development centre at Midnapore, West Bengal              right course. A base counselling solution was rolled
                               became  the  fifth  and  latest  Tata  STRIVE  Skill       out last year across the state of West Bengal,
                               Development Centre (TSSDC) to be set up during the        benefitting thousands  of youths  and  setting  an
                               reporting year. The centre achieved 500+ certifications    example for other states to emulate.
                               in FY 22. Tata STRIVE Extension Centres (TSECs),
                               which are smaller centres that focus on providing       •  Building on the success of Dual VET intervention at
                               domain-specific expertise, also saw considerable           ITIs: The partnership between Tata STRIVE and
                               movement with the TSEC Chhindwara centre                  Siemens on the Dual VET programme is aimed at
                               reopening post-pandemic. Tata                                                       introducing  the German

                               STRIVE also started four new                                                          Dual    VET     model,
                               TSECs in Navsari, Anand,                                                              customised for Industrial
                               Nagpur, and Goa, with the                                                             Training Institutes (ITIs)
                               latter  two   being   mixed                                                           in India. The bedrock  of
                               domain    centres  that  are                                                          the   dual  system  is
                               expected  to  benefit  about                                                           learning    at   both
                               500 youth.                                                                            vocational   institutes

                                                                                                                     and on-site locations.
                             •  New courses introduced with                                                          The    programme    is
                               a focus on digital skills: The                                                        being implemented in
                               year saw  continued  focus  on                                                        ITIs across Maharashtra,
                               the demand for digital courses,                                                       Delhi,  Gujarat,  West
                               such as Cybersecurity, UX                                                             Bengal,  and Punjab.
                               design,   IT   Support,   IT                                                          More states are likely to
                               Automation, Data Analytics,                                                           sign up. The cumulative
                               Full  Stack  Developer,  and                                                         impact to date is over

                               Android App Developer. Tata STRIVE scaled from 100+       43,500 students, with upskilling of 1,325 ITI instructors
                               students in 2020-21 to 1,000+ in 2021-22 for the          across 170 ITIs. Over 1,500 companies have been
                               said courses.                                             on-boarded and are willing to open their doors to ITI
                                                                                         trainees for in-plant training.
                             •  Self-mobilisation as a service: With the pandemic
                               raging on, mobility of students was restricted. Tata
                               STRIVE leveraged technology to empower students

                               through a self-directed process. The redesigned

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