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                                                  Mansi achieves sporting excellence,

                                                                   one step at a time

                      Mansi Negi has always stood out. Even in her choice of a         The  Trusts’  Sports  portfolio  continues  to  focus  on  sports
                      competitive athletic field—race walking—which is not widely       development and promotion as a  significant tool for
                      known in  India. But  the spry  walker from  Chamoli district  in   socio-economic upliftment amongst underserved communities. As
                      Uttarakhand earned celebrity status in her home state after      a result, HMS supported Mansi by providing daily nutritional
                      winning a gold medal at the inaugural Khelo India School Games in   supplements based on advice from expert sports nutritionists,
                      the 3000 metres race walking category in 2018-19.                medical, physiotherapy, and massage services, and facilitated her
                                                                                       travel and boarding arrangements during tournaments. Freed from
                      Rigorously guided and trained by Dronacharya awardee Anoop       having to worry about her training expenditures, the programme
                      Bisht at the Maharana Pratap Sports School in Dehradun, Mansi    allowed Mansi to fully focus on her training.
                      now has her sights set on qualifying for and representing India at
                      the Olympics.                                                    “The timely support given by Himmotthan has contributed
                                                                                       immensely to my growth as an athlete. I was able to compete with
                      But Mansi’s journey has been far from easy. She su ered a massive   established  Indian  athletes  at  a  national  event  because  of  the
                      setback  following  her  father’s  demise  six  years  ago.      timely nutrition, health, and logistical support I received from HMS
                      Pandemic-necessitated lockdowns disrupted her training routine        and my coach Shree Anup Singh Bisht,” says Mansi.
                      and diminished her savings. As a result, the youngster found it
                      di cult to cope with her emotional trauma, coupled with the                   That has paid o  and is reflected in Mansi’s
                      strenuous physical and financial demands of her training schedule                  sporting achievements. She won a gold medal
                      in Dehradun.                                                                       at the 20 National Federation Cup Junior,
                                                                                                          two silver medals at other national
                      It was the launch of the "Education and Sports Initiative in                         championships, and two gold medals  at
                      Uttarakhand” by Tata Trusts‘ associate organisation - Himmotthan                        state championships during 2020-2022.
                      Society (HMS)—in 2020 that o ered Mansi renewed hope about
                      her sporting future. She was selected among 16 talented
                      sportspersons to train at the Maharana Pratap Sports college. The
                      selection was made on the basis of athletes’ performance during
                                                                                                 Mansi Negi is among 16 athletes from Uttarakhand who
                      advanced competitive training sessions.                                    received support under Tata Trusts’ Education and Sports
                                                                                                 Initiative in Uttarakhand programme

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