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• Mizoram Football Initiative: 32 of the 41 boys trained at   • Collaboration with local stakeholders and collection of
                              the Football Centre of  Excellence in  Mizoram  were      fees for grassroots training by the community has helped
                              successfully placed in di erent football academies across   develop sustainable programmes.
                              the country, imparting a fillip to their professional football
                              careers. Further, a grant was given to the Mary Kom Boxing
                                                                                       CHALLENGES FACED
                              Foundation, following which the foundation’s boxers won 12
                              gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze medals at three state and
                              national championships.                                  • Training programmes were severely impacted due to the
                                                                                        second wave of Covid-19.
                             • Hockey: Girls from the Odisha Naval Tata Hockey High
                              Performance Centre Academy won silver and bronze         • Underachievement of competitive targets  as
                              medals in the Academy Sub Junior and Junior National      tournaments were cancelled.
                              Championships, whereas the boys from the Naval Tata
                              Hockey Academy, Jamshedpur, won a gold medal at the
                              Academy Junior National Championship.

                             • Uttarakhand Sports Initiative: Two athletes represented
                              India at the World Athletics Race Walk Team Challenge
                              event in Oman during March 2022; also, a visually
                              impaired footballer from NIVH, represented India in the 3
                              Match Series organised in Muscat in March 2022.

                             GOING FORWARD

                             • Integration of physical literacy in education programmes
                              for the holistic development of children, in line with the
                              new Education Policy.

                             BEST PRACTICES

                             • Continuous teacher training at all levels, from physical
                              literacy in schools to coach education at the grassroots
                              and competitive levels, as well as at the Centres of
 • Mizoram Badminton Initiative: Five and 10 talented
                              Excellence, has ensured that the quality and e ciency of
 players from the Regional Development Centres were
                              teaching has improved over the years.
 placed in the Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy
 (PGBA), Hyderabad, and in the ITM Badminton Academy,
                             • A focus on the holistic development of children has
 Raipur, respectively, with full scholarship. Five new
                              resulted in sports training activities also including
 coaches were also appointed at PGBA.
                              lessons on life skills.

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