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                                            Building a formidable sporting ecosystem

                      For  15-year-old  H.  Thazuala, getting  selected to  train  at the   aspirations from the young boy who was content with continuing
                      Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy (PGBA) in Hyderabad in       to play as an amateur. It helped him gain access to a focussed and

                      November 2021 was the culmination of years of hard work put      well-structured training and skill development programme, which
                      into  learning  and excelling  at Badminton  in  his  hometown  in   ultimately led to his selection at PGBA, considered a tremendous
                      Mizoram.   Tapping   into   the  enduring    popularity  of      training ground for professional badminton players in India,
                      Badminton—the second most played sport in India—the Tata         preparing to compete at the national and international level.

                      Trusts Badminton Initiative aims to build a formidable ecosystem
                      for the promotion of the sport.                                  Since joining the academy, Thazuala feels his sporting skills and
                                                                                       technique have shown considerable improvement. “It has also
                      Identifying untapped sporting talent at the grassroots level and   taken my passion for the game to a whole new level,” says an

                      providing the required support in the form of more intensive         elated Thazuala. Having recently excelled in numerous
                      training under experienced coaches forms the bedrock of the           district, state, and national championships in the under-17
                      initiative. Training under the watchful eye of his father            and junior categories, the budding player also managed to
                      H. Zohmangaiha, also a badminton coach, in his                      maintain a good academic performance despite his

                      home town of Chanmari West in Aizawl,                              strenuous training and tournament schedule.
                      Thazuala showed potential from an early
                      age. His natural gift for the game was                           “I  would  encourage  other  parents  to also ensure  that their
                      noticed   at   the   Aizawl    Regional                          children maintain a dual focus on sports and education. I am truly

                      Development Centre (RDC)—one of                                  indebted to Tata Trusts for their financial assistance and for
                      the two set up in Mizoram by the                                 providing my son with the best training equipment and top
                      Trusts under the initiative.                                     coaches, which has hugely impacted our lives,” says Thazuala’s
                                                                                       father and former coach.

                      The centre was instrumental in Thazuala’s
                      transition into a player with serious sporting

                          Thazuala in action at a Badminton tournament
                          in Mizoram

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