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GOING FORWARD                                             CHALLENGES FACED

                             •  Expanding  its work  in the  entrepreneurship  domain.   •  Blended learning does not cater to the most needy
                                Tata STRIVE has also been o ering programmes aimed       youth from tier 3 cities; for instance, those who do not
                                at  entrepreneurship  development  since  its  inception   have access to devices and internet.
                                and will be expanding to more states in FY 23.
                                                                                       •  Uncertainty due to lockdowns posed challenges,
                             •  Making vocational education reach schools, as also       especially  for  government  programmes that took  a
                                stated in the National Education Policy 2020, which      significant hit and were rendered financially unviable
                                pushes for “exposure of vocational education in schools   due to a lack of flexibility in the norms for
                                and the higher education system.”                        classroom-based training.

                             •  Piloting  di erent  models  of  outcome-based  funding,
                                such as Skill Impact Bond.

                             BEST PRACTICES

                             •  Quality frameworks updated to cater to
                                nuances of new models.

                             •  Leveraging the robust technology backbone,
                                which continues to support operations.

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