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OVERVIEW                                                 KEY ACHIEVEMENTS

                             The vision of the Arts and Culture portfolio is to work with   •  The publication of the three-part volume,
                             multiplicity, excellence, and marginalised communities,     entitled, “Specifications Manual for Built
                             focussing on three main areas: Conservation (built          Heritage Conservation and the Associated
                             heritage, film preservation, and art conservation); Art
                                                                                         Schedule of Rates and Analysis of Rates,” has
                             Education at the tertiary level; and Performing Arts
                                                                                         been completed in collaboration with the Aga
                             (music, dance, and theatre).
                                                                                         Khan Trust for Culture. The three volumes have
                             To preserve and nurture the country’s heritage—both past    been published and are available online on the Tata
                             and present, and to lay down a solid foundation for the     Trusts website.
                             future—is to support them in all their myriad forms.
                                                                                       • The fellowship programme for the 1947 Partition
                             Securing sustained support for the arts is challenging in
                             the backdrop of high-intensity developmental challenges     Archives has been completed, with 26 month-long
                             faced by a country like India, and further exacerbated by   fellowships  awarded   to   faculty  and   student
                             events like the Covid-19 pandemic. The portfolio therefore   researchers to access over 10,000 oral histories
                             works towards providing incremental and layered             relating to peoples’ experiences of the Partition. Each
                             support, helping organisations and programmes achieve
                                                                                         fellow  submitted  their  research  reports  spanning
                             long-term sustainability.
                                                                                         themes of gender, violence, memory, identity, and
                                                                                         displacement related to the Partition.

                                                                                       •  Fifteen conservators engaged in the Art Conservation
                                                                                         Initiative have continued their training through weekly

                                                                                         online review sessions with an academic consultant. As
                                                                                         on-ground conditions became more amenable for
                                                                                         travel, conservators from the five partner institutes
                                                                                         involved in the Art Conservation Initiative undertook 18
                                                                                         field surveys across India during the year, during which
                                                                                         time  88  persons were  trained  in  the  best  practices
                                                                                         employed for preventive conservation methods.

                                                                                       •  Conservation  labs  were  upgraded  at  the  institutes

                                                                                         through the purchase of requisite equipment and
                                                                                         conservation  materials.  Ten  conservators  underwent
                                                                                         training at two three-month long courses focused on
                                                                                         the conservation of oil paintings, and of stone.

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