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OVERVIEW                                                  Direct interventions with youth include enabling

                                                                                       jobs/entrepreneurship, enhancement of employability,
                             Tata STRIVE is a skill development initiative of Tata     and creating career awareness through counselling.
                             Community Initiatives Trust (TCIT), operating under the   Interventions in the skill development ecosystem include
                             aegis of the Tata Trusts. It                                                 faculty development, technology,
                             aims to actively bridge
                                                                                                            or domain support to other skill
                             the    gap    between
                                                                                                            development providers. This is
                             vocational   education
                                                                                                            represented below:
                             and skills needed by the
                             industry. In 2014, when
                                                                                                            Enabling jobs and livelihoods:
                             the   vision  for  Tata
                                                                                                            With carefully curated training
                             STRIVE was crafted, it
                                                                                                            programmes, Tata STRIVE has
                             seemed a task worthy
                             for a Tata organisation                                                        touched many lives by providing
                             to pursue. Slowly and                                                          skills training for jobs and
                             surely over seven years,                                                       improving their quality of life.
                             Tata    STRIVE     has
                             established its o erings                                                       Enhancing  employability: Tata
                             and built credibility in                                                       STRIVE   believes  strongly  in
                             the  ecosystem,   both                                                         providing holistic training to
                             with state governments                                                         aspirants by o ering more than
                             and public sector units, as                                                  just skills training to improve  their
                             well as corporates looking to deploy their CSR funds in
                                                                                       employability. Tata STRIVE o ers courses for holistic
                             projects that can be trusted to achieve their stated
                                                                                       development of students through its employability skills
                             outcomes. Today, Tata STRIVE is a leading innovator  in
                                                                                       programme across colleges.
                             the skill  development ecosystem  and  a  trusted partner
                             for many. By March 31, 2022, its impact was pegged
                                                                                       Improve quality of skill development: To benefit the
                             at 1.02 million.
                                                                                       larger ecosystem, and hence reach more students, Tata
                                                                                       STRIVE has taken steps to improve training partners’
                             Tata STRIVE’s vision is that of ‘gainful livelihood for every
                             aspirant.’ It provides youth from marginalised communities   facilitator training methods and course content.
                             access to quality skills training, technology, and
                             employment by paving a way for the youth to transition    Create career awareness and counsel: Tata STRIVE
                             e ortlessly into the digital economy of tomorrow.         has made great strides in reinforcing the need to seek
                             Together with a network of partners, Tata STRIVE’s models   proper  career  guidance  among  aspirants.  This  step
                             employ strategies that aim to achieve large impact–both   ensures that every learner passing out has an edge in the
                             through  direct  interventions  with  youth  and  through   competitive market.
                             interventions in organisations’ skill development ecosystem.

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