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                                           Upskilling India’s youth to be future ready

                      Tata STRIVE - the Tata Trusts' skill development initiative o ers a   received the unstinting support of her parents despite an
                      fresh lease of life to individuals whose personal circumstances   unconventional career choice. Looking to upskill herself further to
                      have impeded their career growth or who lack easy access to      improve her professional prospects, she enrolled in an air
                      skilling or upskilling opportunities to improve their current    conditioner and refrigerator course at the Voltas-Tata STRIVE
                      employment situation.                                            Centre of Excellence in Thane.

                      With the bulk of India’s workforce lacking formal skills training,   Always held back by a fear of public speaking and interpersonal
                      there is an urgent need to develop skill development programmes   interactions, Mrunali’s teachers at the centre helped her overcome
                      that will help o set these social and economic challenges. To that   these professional  roadblocks  through  rigorous  training.  Today,
                      end, Tata STRIVE has opened skill development centres and        Mrunali works as a certified professional  with a private limited
                      partnered with other organisations that focus on employment,     company. She attributes her technical prowess and newfound
                      entrepreneurship, and building community enterprises in the      confidence to Tata STRIVE, which she says allowed her to dream
                      formal and informal sectors.                                     big. So much so that she is now planning to save enough to study
                                                                                       for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application.
                      Ankita  Hendre is emblematic  of  the  success  of  these initiatives.
                      Armed with a Bachelor’s in Technology, Ankita had been looking   As  with Ankita  and  Mrunali, Tata  STRIVE  continues  to  help
                      forward to commencing a long and successful career till a sudden   enhance  employability  of  youth  belonging  to  marginalised
                      illness following her graduation took her by surprise. Having to   and under-resourced  communities by  providing  access  to
                      undergo an urgent kidney transplant followed by a six-month                           quality  skills training, technology, and
                      recuperation period dealt a massive blow to Ankita’s professional                      employment. This also empowers them
                      aspirations. The high costs incurred for her surgery and subsequent                                to be future-ready and
                      treatment further worsened her family’s financial condition.                                        transition e ortlessly into
                                                                                                                         the new economy.
                      But this only strengthened her resolve to bounce back quickly
                      and upon recovering, Ankita enrolled into Tata STRIVE’s
                      Cybersecurity Course at Pune. Taking the course restored her
                      emotional and professional confidence, propelling her to secure a
                      job with a FinTech giant.

                      The story of Mrunali Bhere is equally inspiring. A trained                                         Enrolling in a Tata STRIVE
                      electrician supporting a family of four, Mrunali had always                                        course helped Mrunali
                                                                                                                         Bhere develop crucial skills

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                           ECONOMIC GROWTH
                        PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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