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GOING FORWARD                                               aid  practicing conservators in specialising and
                                                                                         honing their conservation skills with regards to a
                             •  Focus on achieving Year 4 deliverables for the Art       specific material.
                               Conservation Initiative, which include completion of
                                                                                       •   Collaborating with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture
                               the remaining field surveys of smaller collections, and
                                                                                         to produce a first-of-its-kind Specifications Manual
                                   scheduling   and   implementing   three-month
                                                                                         for Built Heritage Conservation that lays down
                                  conservation training courses in specific materials.
                                                                                         processes and rates for conservation work at heritage
                                  The following have been planned for FY 2022-23:
                                                                                         sites and monuments.
                                 Conservation of Paper (prints, drawings, and maps);
                                Paper (manuscripts and miniature paintings), natural   •   Providing online and secure access to over 10,000
                               history specimens, wooden objects and sculptures,         digital oral histories from the 1947 Partition Archives
                                                                                         for researchers through month-long fellowships.
                               and wall paintings.

                             •  Initiation of the project to
                               start a Master of Arts degree
                               in   Art  Conservation   in
                               partnership with St. Xavier’s
                               College, Mumbai.

                             •   Supporting  the Kochi  Biennale
                               Foundation   for  the   Students’
                               Biennale 2022.
                             BEST                                                                          FACED


                                                                                                          While     the   pandemic-related
                             •   Designing and  implementing the three-month                              restrictions were largely lifted

                                long  training  courses in conservation of specific                        during the year, the third wave has
                                materials to be held across the five partner                               impacted movement, and health,
                                institutes  under  the  Art  Conservation  Initiative.                    during the last quarter of FY 22;
                                Designed to impart intensive, practical training in                       consequently,  some  activities  have
                                conservation of specific materials (such as paper,                         been postponed.
                                oil paintings, wood, metals, etc.), these courses

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