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Setting up Covid care infrastructure facilities           (b) providing sustainable oxygen generation methods to
                             The objective of this project was to enhance the capacity   cater  to Covid-induced  respiratory distress. This was
                             of existing health systems for the management of Covid    facilitated by enhancing the availability of fully equipped
                             cases. A total of 975 beds were set up across 7 hospitals   ICU beds, ensuring a steady supply of oxygen,
                             in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar   procurement  of ventilators, bed side  monitors, BiPAP
                             Pradesh and over 59,000 patients had received             machines, medical furniture, and all other necessary critical
                             treatment for Covid up to end of the 2022 financial year.   equipment,  as  required  and  evaluated.  A  total  of  49
                             Notably, these facilities were commissioned in a span of 8   medical institutions across 19 states were identified by the
                             to 12 weeks. Over 2,000 doctors, nurses, and technicians   Trusts for this purpose. Over 1,900 ICU and 6,300 non-ICU
                             were trained to use the relevant medical equipment and    beds were set up at these locations.
                             manage the Covid case load.
                                                                                            With the introduction of vaccines, the Trusts
                             Covid-19 Support for                                           undertook vaccination drives in rural communities,
                             Health Establishments                                          across Bhavnagar (Gujarat) and Sirohi (Rajasthan).
                             India faced an acute shortage
                             of hospital beds, oxygen and                                   The nationwide lockdowns also, a ected children’s
                             trained medical sta , and a                                    learning, particularly for those from marginalised
                             timely availability of critical                                backgrounds. More than their academics, children’s
                             care equipment (Ventilators,                                   social and emotional well-being had to be taken
                             BiPAP, etc.) due to the sudden   surge in                      care of at this di cult time. And what better way
                             demand. As a result, recorded a higher                         than stories that children could read, hear and
                             number of deaths, during the second wave                       watch to take their mind o  everyday troubles and
                             of Coronavirus infections lasting from                         worries. Besides, videos on lessons and physical
                             April to June 2021, compared with the first                     exercises to ensure their well-being were also
                             wave in 2020. The Hospital Augmentation                        shared. Finally, the Trusts also shared videos with
                             Initiative was started to address                                          communities    related  to   Covid
                             some of these critical gaps,                                               appropriate behaviour, agri-related
                             with   a  focus   on   high                                                advice, etc.
                             case-load   geographies   in
                             some of the underserved and
                             vulnerable communities in
                             Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns. The
                             initiative  had  a two-pronged goal: (a)  repurposing
                             existing hospital beds in di erent specialties to
                             deal with Critical Covid Care Management; and

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