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                                      Using physical literacy to plug pandemic-forced
                                                     well-being gaps among children

                      For about 4,000 children spread across some of the remotest     The videos were shared with the parents of the school children
                      mountain communities of Uttarakhand, coping with the forced     living in these communities, who supervised their children’s
                      isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly   physical literacy sessions, often sharing videos and pictures of
                      di cult. Trekking to school up and down winding mountain        the same with the wider community and group administrators.
                      pathways with  their friends-cum-schoolmates was one of the     The initiative resulted in a marked improvement in participants’
                      few pleasures a orded by their daily routine. A routine that was   physical and mental well-being.
                      suddenly disrupted, causing further anxiety and depression as
                                                                                      “All the children in my village would eagerly await the physical
                      the pandemic wore on with no end in sight.
                                                                                      literacy videos sent by Himmotthan every Thursday. Whenever
                      But even as it upended life globally over the course of the last   we used to get bored studying at home by ourselves, we would
                      two years, the pandemic has also reinforced the importance of   watch these videos for entertainment and to exercise to boost
                      physical activity as a coping mechanism and to ensure mental    our immunity,” says Harshita Pujari, a Class 5 student from GPS
                      and physical well-being. Pandemic- necessitated lockdowns       Ginti Gaon in Kotabag of Nainital district.
                      have not only disrupted economic and social life; its impacts are
                                                                                      With schools slowly reopening, in April 2021, HMS shifted the
                      especially evident in the emotional and psychological toll it has
                                                                                      emphasis from online sessions to in-person physical literacy
                      taken on school-going children.
                                                                                      sessions conducted in schools. The initiative has been identified
                      Education and social interaction are crucial to the overall     as a major outcome of quality education programming, with
                      development of younger children, who are still in their formative   HMS successfully integrating the concept of physical literacy
                      years. Both were deeply impacted by the pandemic, prompting     into school lessons and classrooms. Till date, it has broadcast 75
                      Tata Trusts’ associate organisation—Himmotthan Society (HMS),   physical literacy session on various social
                      which works among rural mountain communities—to undertake       media   platforms,  along   with  38
                      holistic programmes, to promote physical literacy as a coping   snapshot videos.
                      tool for school children sequestered at home.
                                                                                      For the 2022-2025 academic years,
                      HMS worked with 115 community institutions, comprising 85       HMS  plans to  integrate  physical
                      school management committees, 15 Mata Samitis (committees       literacy with foundational literacy
                      comprising of mothers) and 15 Bal Sangathans (children groups)   and numeracy in 300 schools of four blocks
                      spread across 100 villages in five districts to implement the    of Uttarakhand. It will also aim to train 300
                      project. It shot multiple physical literacy videos with the help of   government school teachers and about
                      various stakeholders. HMS field teams worked with the Samagra    13,000 children.
                      Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and its associates to share these videos
                      every Thursday morning on social media apps that were popular
                                                                                         Children taking part in a physical
                      at a local level.                                                  literacy session in the Agastyamuni
                                                                                         block of Rudraprayag

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