Page 41 - MHM Report-2023
P. 41

Immediate gains from

            Tata Trusts’ MHM programme

                              14% of women                             97% of women
                              population have                          population have
                              knowledge                                knowledge
                              about biology of                         about biology of
                              menstruation                             menstruation

                              79% of the                               Less than 4%
                              women population                         of the women
                              believed menstrual                       population now
                              blood was impure                         consider it impure

                              31% dried                                       100% dried
                              their cloth/                                    their cloth /
                              cloth pads after   Before         Post          cloth pad after
                              washing under   intervention      intervention  washing under
                              direct sunlight                                 direct sunlight

                              31% change                                96% change
                              menstrual                                 menstrual
                              absorbent three to                        absorbent three to
                              four times a day
                                                                        four times a day

                                                                        Unawareness of
                                                                        reproductive biology
                              57% were unaware                          amongst respondents
                              of their reproductive
                              biology.                                  fell to 21%

                              Positive change in                        Positive change in
                              practices to social                       practices to social
                              taboos seen in                            taboos seen in
                              17% of women                              35% of women

                              84% of their                             97% of their
                              daughters shared any                     daughters shared any
                              menses related problem                   menses related problem
                              with the mothers                         with the mothers

            Source: Impact assessment study (2022) by third party in Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

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