Page 43 - MHM Report-2023
P. 43

Future goals

                  hile the programme has scored well in       as pricing of pads, deep-rooted social norms,
            Wgetting the menstruation conversation            health seeking behaviour and responsible disposal
            started, it also highlights the work that needs to   by users need to be addressed in order to show
            be done. The findings suggest that issues such    sustained results.

                                    Definite wins have been achieved by the Trusts’ interventions
                                    at the pilot stage. These learnings will further help
                                    strengthen MHM value chain interventions.”

                                    — Divyang Waghela, Head, WaSH

                                            Pricing appears to be the biggest roadblock to the
                                            use of alternatives to cloth pads. This needs to be
                                            urgently addressed.

                                            Sustained messaging on social norms is needed
                                            to address the barriers that have not yet been
                                            eliminated by training.

                                            Pad disposal is a major challenge in these areas.
                                            Deeper work is needed to determine how best to
                                            dispose of used menstrual absorbents using
                                            advanced technologies which are economical,
                                            accessible and environment friendly.

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