Page 45 - MHM Report-2023
P. 45

Team speak

            We have found the                 Our initial efforts to           Talking about the sensitive
            existing women-led self-          promote safe MHM                 topic of menstruation
            help groups (SHG) value           practices repeatedly             amongst the community/
            chain extremely reliable          hit a wall. On digging           women was an uphill task,
            in creating a sustainable         further, we realised that        but gamification tools
            local supply chain for            awareness generation             came to our rescue.”
            safe MHM products.                about MHM practices              — Shaheen Naz,
            Women creating for                needs to be compulsorily         Jharkhand
            women has definitely              paired with the
            helped our cause.”                availability of affordable
                                              and accessible products.
            — Pankaj Papnoi,
            Rajasthan                         In our case, teaching
                                              women to stitch their
                                              own cloth pads emerged
                                              as the best option.”
                                              — Anulekha Sharma,

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