Page 42 - MHM Report-2023
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Key behavioural changes

                ome of the changes visible can be summarised     MHM, when appropriate awareness is created.
            Sas follows:                                         It has improved health seeking behaviour
             There is greater awareness of the need             among women (who are more open to visit a
               for community-scale menstrual health              doctor or the public health centre to talk about
               management.                                       issues related to MHM).
             Women are more open to talk about their          Access to the right knowledge and tools to
               menstrual needs, especially among family          manage menstruation leads to long-term
               members, husbands and menfolk as well as          gains in gender empowerment. Women are
               mother and daughter.                              more likely to stake claim to their bodily
             Women and girls are more aware of how menses       autonomy when introduced to the right means
               are connected to child-bearing and reproductive   and knowledge about their physical self at an
               health.                                           early age. There are definite gains to make
             Leveraging SHGs for cloth pad production           in moulding confident women of the future
               provides livelihood opportunities and also        through a focus on menstrual health and
               adds to usage practices that are safer for the    awareness.
               environment.                                    Women are more likely to feel empowered and
             MHM programmes lead to improved health             confident to navigate their social life when
               seeking behaviours among women. Women             made aware that there is no rationale behind
               are more willing to talk about issues related to   myths about menstruation.

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