Page 46 - MHM Report-2023
P. 46

Adolescents are                   The community resource           When we conducted
            curious by nature. From           persons trained by us,           our first baseline
            our experience, just              play an important role in        study in this region
            providing them a safe             outreach to young girls          to gauge MHM
            space to ask and receive          and women. For sensitive         awareness, the results
            the right information             topics such as MHM, it           were disappointing.
            related to their queries          is advisable to rely on          Convincing the
            can help the MHM                  community ownership for          conservative members
            agenda manifold.”                 best results. People feel        was challenging at
                                              comfortable approaching          first. However, most
            — Pallavi Gautam,
            Uttar Pradesh                     one of their own.”               members come around
                                              — Shaktiprava Maharana,          once the benefits
                                              Gujarat                          become obvious.
                                                                               At their core, most
                                                                               people care for their
                                                                               community and are
                                                                               willing to change for the
                                    Our holistic approach helped               better.”
                                    in demonstrating societal level
                                    impact, wherein adolescent boys            — Supriya Saidane,
                                    and male members are sensitised            Nandurbar, Maharashtra
                                    and educated about menstruation
                                    and related information. The
                                    feather on our cap is our strong
                                    partnership with the local
                                    government departments,
            through which we are engaging with ASHA and
            Anganwadi workers inorder to amplify positive
            behavioural changes amongst the communities.”

            — Ketan Hingu, Gujarat

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