Page 36 - MHM Report-2023
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The Happy Period Room:

            Safe spaces in schools

                   he Tata Trusts started the Happy Period        Tata Trusts requested schools to provide
                   Room model on a pilot basis as a way to    a separate room that could be renovated into a
            Taddress school absenteeism, girls having         Happy Period Room. These rooms are equipped
            trouble managing menstruation during school       with basic infrastructure such as a wall mirror,
            hours and the overall shame and anxiety young     dustbin, mug and bucket, storage box, etc. The
            girls experience around their periods.            room is also equipped with informational charts,
                In April 2022, 13 Happy Period Rooms          including a period calendar, and a manual on
            were developed in the Bahraich, Shravasti and     symptoms and menstrual management.
            Lucknow districts of Uttar Pradesh on a pilot         Tata Trusts ensures the model is sustained
            basis. This innovative model aims to promote      through training and orientation of teachers and
            safe and hygienic use of menstrual products with   the students. Assigning cleanliness monitoring
            dignity. The aim is to provide young school girls   duties to the students and stock maintenance
            a safe space to change and store their menstrual   duties to teachers further helps build a sense of
            absorbents.                                       ownership towards sustaining these rooms.

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