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                                               Improving community health outcomes

                                                through targeted WaSH interventions

                      Ever since she can remember or at least since she began to live   Government  of Gujarat, to ensure tap connectivity at each
                      in the small hamlet of Bamniya Faliya in Gujarat after her       household. To achieve this, a new borewell was installed in 2018, and

                      marriage, 42-year-old Champaben has been making a  daily         e orts made to ensure regular water supply through a stable
                      arduous  trek  to  the  nearby  rivulet  to  fetch  water.  A  trek  that   electricity connection.
                      would often go waste as the rivulet dried up quickly during the
                                                                                       Further progress was made in last year, thanks to solarisation of
                      long and hot summer months.
                                                                                       the water connection and community-centred e orts made by
                      Poor access to safe and clean drinking water is a challenge that   the village’s Pani Samiti members, including the installation of
                      many communities living in the remotest parts of India, including   chlorination units to ensure a safe water supply. The Trusts’ and

                      tribal hamlets like Bamniya Faliya, face on a regular basis. Even as   CInI’s e orts have ensured access to water supply, besides
                      millions of people continue to face this challenge, the problem is   construction of toilets for each household in Bamniya Faliya.
                      only further exacerbated by a lack of toilets and abysmal                 Further,  the   Menstrual   Hygiene   Management
                      sanitation, which is not only a serious quality of life issue but also      intervention in the village is building awareness
                      has serious health implications for the vast population impacted              about safe and hygienic management of
                      by this deficit.                                                                 menstruation, focusing not only on women and
                                                                                                        adolescent girls, but also, on adolescent boys,
                      For women like Champaben and other residents of
                                                                                                          as well as men in the hamlet.
                      Bamniya Faliya, the irony of nursing aspirations to
                      have a running supply of   drinking water-something that a lot
                      of us take for granted-is not lost. Tata Trusts, through its
                      associate  organisation  Collectives  for  Integrated                                    Champaben no longer needs to trek for
                      Livelihood Initiatives (CInI), has been working to transform                              miles to fetch water  every day
                      the lives of tribal households in the central India

                      tribal  belt through targeted interventions.

                      Clnl’s drinking water and sanitation intervention commenced
                      in the village in 2015-16  through a collaboration with the
                      Water and Sanitation Management Organisation (WASMO),

                          CLEAN WATER
                       6 AND SANITATION
                        PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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