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GOING FORWARD                                             BEST PRACTICES

                             •  Ideating, implementing, upscaling, and advocating the   •  “Smart Water Management” has been one of the

                               “One Water” concept through a water value chain           important projects undertaken by the Trusts in
                               approach. This will entail: (a) reducing and reforming    partnership with Tata Community Initiatives Trust.
                               water demand;  (b) restoring and recharging water         Adoption of advanced technologies to improve
                               availability; (c) operating and maintaining water         consumer-centric service delivery mechanisms will
                               supply systems; and (d) ensuring continuation of safe     help in charting new paths for building transparency.
                               sanitation, hygiene, and waste management, including               The power of information can be realised by
                               menstrual waste.                                                     users to seek better services to fulfil basic
                                                                                                        human needs, such as access to
                             •  Providing support to the community for creating                           drinking water.

                               infrastructure at the grassroots level for drinking water
                               supply, water conservation, storage, recharge,                               • Adoption of menstrual hygiene
                               and wastewater reuse, as well as                                                 management     interventions
                               community sanitary complexes.                                                      in some of the mainstream
                                                                                                                   programmes undertaken
                             •  Building capacity and strengthening institutions.                                    by the government.

                             •  Focusing on changing behaviours of the
                               community  and  getting  them  involved  in
                               the process of e cient water management,
                               which is critical to the success of
                               the programme.

                             • Leveraging technology throughout the value chain
                               of water, right from assessment to delivery to
                               monitoring. The use of sensors to measure supply

                               system e ciencies, identify damages, and reduce
                               wastage will be an important aspect as well.

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