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•  Building a cohort of domestic climate donors in India,   GOING FORWARD
                               both corporates and individuals: The network has seen
                               a six-fold growth, including the addition of 12 domestic   Over the next five years, the ICC will:
                               and 6 international funders, who have pledged support   •  Aid the reduction of emissions and carbon intensity
                               to fund climate action through the  ICC. In addition to   in critical, identified sectors, including agriculture, industrial
                               directly funding 14 projects and research studies, the   decarbonisation, and state - level climate planning.
                               ICC has mobilised nearly  `578 million (of which
                               international funding constitutes  `473 million) for
                                                                                       • Ramp up resilience of vulnerable populations through
                               climate action across over 25 funding opportunities
                                                                                        adaptation measures, including working towards
                               through introduction and facilitation.
                                                                                        building  climate  resilient  cities,  building  a  water
                                                                                        diagnostic toolkit to  enhance  water security, and
                             •  Building a cohesive network and platform for
                                                                                        scaling ecosystem-based adaptation.
                               collaboration: The ICC currently has a network of over 100
                                                 ecosystem partners willing to join
                                                                                       • Augment climate and environmental justice by building
                                                    hands and work together. The ICC
                                                      has also built partnerships with   grassroots capacity to co-create just transition
                                                        various state governments,      pathways and support communities through re-skilling
                                                        including Telangana, Andhra     and livelihood diversification.
                                                        Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh,
                                                      Maharashtra, Karnataka, and      • Accelerate  climate  finance  by  building  a  flourishing
                                                       Odisha, as well as the Ministry   ecosystem for domestic climate funding in India by
                                                     of    Home      A airs,   by       co-creating a pooled fund and platform for
                                                   incorporating a Climate Risk Atlas   Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).
                                                  (CRA) tool. The CRA is a sector-wise
                                                 vulnerability  assessment  tool  for   • Mainstream the climate narrative in India.
                                                Indian  districts, which assesses  risks,
                                                informs disaster plans, and helps with
                                             designing institutional capacity building.   CHALLENGES FACED

                             • Cementing  India’s thought  leadership at  crucial      • Shifting the focus of other domestic donors towards a
                               international platforms: The ICC has represented India    unique climate narrative, which is specific to and
                               at  global forums  to  develop  a Global  South-focused   invests in, impactful climate solutions.
 •  Incubating programmes in spaces characterised by
                               narrative  helmed  by  Indian  leadership  to  influence  key
 under-action or no action: The  ICC has identified,
                               decisions in the developing world. Keeping this in mind,
 co-created, and launched programmes in critical                                       • Building  capacity   and   enabling   implementor
                               the ICC has led discussions and hosted round tables at
 sectors, including air quality, land use, water, sustainable                            organisations to solve for relevant problem statements.
                               several global climate-focused initiatives, including The
 energy, sustainable agriculture, climate data, and risk
                               Sustainable Markets Initiative by His Royal Highness
 assessment. These have been operational for the past 8
                               (HRH) Charles, Prince of Wales, the Giving Pledge,
 to 16 months, with  a projected cumulative impact on
                               UNFCCC Climate Dialogues, Project Drawdown’s Global
 1 million lives over five years.
                               Collaborative, and the U.S. Consulate’s Opportunities for
                               U.S.-India Collaboration on Sustainability, among others.

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