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OVERVIEW                                                  In due course, it has become increasingly clear that it is                                                                   •  Building a cohort of domestic climate donors in India,
                                                                                       necessary to create societal platforms to address each                                                                         both corporates and individuals: The network has seen
                                                                                       issue in a thoughtful and collaborative manner to achieve                                                                      a six-fold growth, including the addition of 12 domestic
                             The wide-ranging environmental impacts created by
                                                                                       maximum impact. The Trusts acknowledge that solving                                                                            and 6 international funders, who have pledged support
                             climate change are among the biggest global risks today.
                                                                                       these problems would be more e ective if it could bring in                                                                     to fund climate action through the  ICC. In addition to
                             Four of the top five global risks  of 2018 were related to the
                                                                                       partners—whether from the government or the private                                                                            directly funding 14 projects and research studies, the
                             environment, compared with 2012, when only one of the
                                                                                       sector—to maximise the reach of the impact. To meet this                                                                       ICC has mobilised nearly  `578 million (of which
                             top five risks was environmental. India figures among the
                                                                                       objective, the Trusts have seeded the India Climate                                                                            international funding constitutes  `473 million) for
                             countries that are most vulnerable  to climate change,
                                                                                       Collaborative (ICC), an India-led platform, bringing                                                                           climate action across over 25 funding opportunities
                             given its high-risk exposure and limited ability to respond.
                                                                                       philanthropies together to accelerate the country’s                                                                            through introduction and facilitation.
                             The government has been leading e orts to meet this
                                                                                        development, while exceeding its climate goals. The ICC
                             challenge by setting ambitious targets. Currently,
                                                                                             envisions a thriving world where India shapes the                                                                      •  Building a cohesive network and platform for
                             India is the only country among the top 10
                                                                                                global climate change movement. The Trusts’                                                                           collaboration: The ICC currently has a network of over 100
                             polluters  globally  to  rea rm    its
                                                                                                  belief is that this platform will substantiate the                                                                                    ecosystem partners willing to join
                             commitments made under the Paris
                                                                                                   necessity for India to contribute to the                                                                                                hands and work together. The ICC
                             Climate Agreement. But India’s climate
                                                                                                    global climate agenda and its impact on the                                                                                              has also built partnerships with
                             response   has   been   beset   by
                                                                                                    populations of developing nations. The                                                                                                     various state governments,
                             challenges  related  to  resources,
                                                                                                    Trusts also collaborate with a wide range of                                                                                               including Telangana, Andhra
                             awareness, and expertise.
                                                                                                    NGOs, corporates, government agencies,                                                                                                     Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh,
                                                                                                   communities,  and   climate  experts  to                                                                                                  Maharashtra, Karnataka, and
                             Given  this scenario,  Tata  Trusts  has
                                                                                                 accelerate climate action. In the long run,                                                                                                  Odisha, as well as the Ministry
                             striven to align and support solutions that
                                                                                               partnerships and such collaborations will ensure a                                                                                            of   Home      A airs,   by
                             help  create  a  stable  climate,  enabling
                                                                                             strong foundation for achieving global progress.                                                                                             incorporating a Climate Risk Atlas
                             sustainable development on all counts –
                                                                                            The Trusts’ goal is to advocate for policy, facilitate                                                                                       (CRA) tool. The CRA is a sector-wise
                             ecosystems, economies, and  communities. It has
                                                                                            alignment in solutions among international and local                                                                                        vulnerability  assessment  tool  for
                             also committed resources to  solutions, which
                                                                                           institutions and individuals, in which each leverages                                                                                       Indian  districts, which assesses  risks,
                             strengthen   the  resilience  of  vulnerable
                                                                                           their strengths to accelerate change, solve the climate                                                                                     informs disaster plans, and helps with
                             communities and make them adaptable to the
                                                                                          challenge, and ensure a sustainable future.                                                                                               designing institutional capacity building.
                             impact of climate change. The team has evolved an
                             innovative and collaborative model of philanthropy to
                             build and scale up adaptive and resilient models, which                                                                                                                                • Cementing  India’s thought  leadership at  crucial
                             equip communities to face environmental challenges and    KEY ACHIEVEMENTS                                                                                                               international platforms: The ICC has represented India
                             mitigate future impact.                                                                                                                                                                  at  global forums  to  develop  a Global  South-focused
                                                                                       •  Incubating programmes in spaces characterised by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      narrative  helmed  by  Indian  leadership  to  influence  key
                             The focus is on                                             under-action or no action: The  ICC has identified,                                                                           decisions in the developing world. Keeping this in mind,
                                                                                         co-created, and launched programmes in critical
                             •  Facilitating collaboration for human and ecological welfare                                                                                                                           the ICC has led discussions and hosted round tables at
                                                                                         sectors, including air quality, land use, water, sustainable
                             • Building the capacity of communities to equitably                                                                                                                                      several global climate-focused initiatives, including The
                                                                                         energy, sustainable agriculture, climate data, and risk
                               manage natural resources                                                                                                                                                               Sustainable Markets Initiative by His Royal Highness
                                                                                         assessment. These have been operational for the past 8
                             • Funding research and thought leadership on tackling                                                                                                                                    (HRH) Charles, Prince of Wales, the Giving Pledge,
                                                                                         to 16 months, with  a projected cumulative impact on
                               systemic environmental challenges                                                                                                                                                      UNFCCC Climate Dialogues, Project Drawdown’s Global
                                                                                         1 million lives over five years.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Collaborative, and the U.S. Consulate’s Opportunities for
                              1  Global Risks Landscape, World Economic Forum, 2018
                              2 HSBC Report, Fragile Planet, 2018                                                                                                                                                     U.S.-India Collaboration on Sustainability, among others.

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