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BEST PRACTICES                                             Tata Trusts-led India Climate Collaborative (ICC) launched

                                                                                        a  pilot project to foster  greater  resilience and
                             • Knowledge creation – Defining climate research agenda     sustainability in the cold storage infrastructure used in the
                               and commissioning foundational research and unified       farming sector in Odisha. The project involved a
                               metrics to drive action in India.                        collaboration with the SELCO Foundation to pilot three
                                                                                        innovative, community-level Decentralised Renewable
                             • Technical assistance and expertise - Synthesising priority   Energy (DRE)-based cold storage projects, which
                               expertise gaps in the sector.                            demonstrated  the impact  of these  solutions on
                                                                                        horticulture-practicing communities. A marked increase
                             • Building partnerships and networks - Building a          in farming incomes and a reduction in post-harvest losses
                               connected ecosystem of all climate actors to improve     reflected the success of the project.
                               decision-making  and    foster  greater  collective
                               investments and partnerships.                            “As climate change picks up speed, ICC has acted as a
                                                                                        beacon of hope for numerous stakeholders, be it
                             • Developing  sectoral  and  individual  leadership  -     business or civil society. ICC is helping propel India
                               Encouraging philanthropies and influential individuals to   towards balanced development and growth, without
                               engage in policy advocacy in India and on a global scale.  compromising on either. SELCO has collaborated with
                                                                                        ICC to showcase models that synergise agriculture with
                                                                                        sustainable energy to benefit cold storage chain
                              Designing scalable business models                        capacity, proving that poverty eradication solutions
                              for clean energy-based cold
                              storage solutions                                         that balance social and environmental sustainability are
                                                                                        possible,”  says  Dr  Harish  Hande,  founder  and  chief
                              As the planet warms at an unprecedented pace, posing      executive, SELCO Foundation.
                              a grave risk to global food security, the need to develop
                                                                                        Scaling such solutions to benefit other farming
                              eco-friendly solutions to counter the far-reaching
                                                                                        communities is also essential for reducing the carbon
                              impacts of climate change has never been more urgent.
                                                                                        footprint  of  conventional technologies  used in  the
                              Farming communities in Odisha have demonstrated the
                                                                                            sector. Currently, there are many barriers to doing
                              strong potential of scaling clean energy-based
                                                                                               so, such as high upfront costs, farmer’s access
                              solutions into agricultural practices.
                                                                                                  to financing, and poor market linkages. The
                              Rising   temperatures   have    serious                              Trusts have therefore commissioned a
                              implications for the agriculture sector,                             comprehensive and one-of-its kind study
                              where cooling underpins the ability of                                to assess cooling needs at a cluster level
                              millions of farmers to practice horticulture,                        and   to  design   a   community-based
                              floriculture,   and    dairy                                         business  model    framework   that  can
                              farming. In India, inadequate   Women farmers                     replicate these solutions to scale, across
                                                            storing their
                              access to farm-level cold     produce in the cold               clusters and agricultural value chains. Data
                              storage facilities results in a   storage facility             collected during the study will form the basis of a
                              high proportion of post-                                      blueprint for a new Tata Trusts initiative aimed at
                              harvest agricultural losses, adversely a ecting              catalysing and improving access to a ordable
                              farming incomes.                                             DRE-based cooling infrastructure.

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