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OVERVIEW                                                  as part of corporate social opportunities (CSOs), by
                                                                                       non-profit and community-based organisations, industry,
                                                                                       and media in disseminating information.
                             Malnutrition remains a major threat to the survival, growth,
                             and development of children. Good nutrition is an essential
                                                                                        Improving nutrition lies at the core of global development
                             requirement for leading a healthy
                                                                                           and is central to achieving the United Nations’
                             life and achieving one’s full growth
                                                                                        Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. SDGs). Success in
                             potential. Malnutrition can very
                                                                                       nutrition  is  linked  to  each  of  the  SDGs;  consequently,
                             often lead to disease and morbidity
                                                                                       improving  nutrition  is  foundational  to  achieving
                             and is an important marker for determining
                                                                                                sustainable global development.
                             inequality. Though India’s nutritional
                             outcomes     have    improved
                                                                                                       Tata Trusts’ Nutrition portfolio works
                             consistently over the years, the
                                                                                                        towards   improving  the  coverage
                             country is still grappling with
                                                                                                         of  nutrition  services,  leveraging
                             child malnutrition, as reflected
                                                                                                         technology to improve nutrition
                             in the high prevalence of low
                                                                                                         governance,  supporting   capacity
                             birth weight, stunting, wasting,
                                                                                                         building among key functionaries, as
                             and severe wasting. Adequate
                                                                                                        well as conducting research to achieve
                             nutrition during infancy and
                                                                                                       better dietary and nutrition outcomes.
                             early childhood is essential to
                                                                                                      The key focus areas of the portfolio are:
                             ensuring that children are healthy
                             and reach their full growth and
                                                                                                    1. Food fortification to address the growing
                             development potential.
                                                                                                    burden of malnutrition and hidden hunger -
                                                                                                 Fortification of staple foods has been identified
                             Malnutrition is a complex condition caused
                                                                                        as an important intervention for tackling the high levels
                             by multiple factors. In India, it has taken the magnitude of
                                                                                        of micronutrient deficiency prevalent in the country. The
                             a silent emergency. Undernutrition and micronutrient
                                                                                        focus is on creating an enabling environment for staple
                             malnutrition  in  children,  adolescents,  and  women  of
                                                                                        food fortification in the country.
                             reproductive age are rampant, resulting in  severely
                             constraining the country’s potential. Hence, it is important
                                                                                       2.  Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) –
                             to break this cycle to transform the lives of the country’s
                                                                                        High-impact interventions are being implemented to
                             citizens and catalyse societal development.
                                                                                        reduce the prevalence of stunting, wasting, and
                                                                                        underweight in  young infants and children, whilst
                             The Trusts recognise that undernutrition in children is a
                                                                                        prioritising the comprehensive management of Severe
                             complex problem.  E orts  are  underway but  will  yield
                                                                                        Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in India.
                             results  only  when  combined  with  serious  attention  to
                             promoting the adoption of correct child feeding practices
                                                                                       3. Gathering data for nutrition governance, policy, and
                             during the first 1,000 days of life of a child. Serious e orts
                                                                                        advocacy for sustainable development.
                             need to be made, not only by the Integrated Child
                             Development    Services  (ICDS)   or  public  health
                             departments, but also the private health sector, including

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