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                                          Optimising cancer care through meaningful,
                                                  community-level behaviour change

                      India’s north-east region has seen a marked increase in          Unable to endure the physical discomfort during the biopsy,
                      tobacco-related cancers, such as oral and lung cancers, with     Jalal Uddin refused to do the procedure again, which delayed

                      the number expected to increase significantly going forward.      his treatment by many months. A patient navigator’s e orts to
                      Many of these cancers are curable through screening and early    make him more aware about his condition and the  treatment
                      detection, but a general lack of awareness and poor supporting   involved also proved futile.
                      infrastructure has prevented meaningful behaviour change.
                                                                                       The Trusts’ community-based awareness programmes use
                      Such a scenario has proved to be a hindrance in the                di erent cohorts working in the community, such as
                      treatment of thousands of patients, such as                          Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), Auxiliary Nurse

                      60-year-old   Jalal  Uddin,   diagnosed   with                        Midwives (ANMs), NGOs, Panchayats, community leaders,
                      suspected   oral  cancer,  basis   community                            and  student  bodies,  to improve  knowledge  and
                      screening at a government Health and Wellness                           awareness about cancer.
                      Centre (HWC) in Hatizuzua, Nagaon district of
                                                                                             These programmes also aim to boost participation in
                      Assam. He was subsequently referred to the
                                                                                            screening camps conducted at local Primary Health Care
                      Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in
                                                                                          (PHCs) Centres, hold awareness talks, rallies, and focus group
                      2021, where he was advised by the attending
                                                                                          sessions to promote early detection and bring about
                      physician   to  undergo    an   ultrasonography
                                                                                             community-wide behaviour change, especially among
                      (USG)-guided fine needle aspiration cytology
                                                                                               patients strongly resisting treatment, such as Jalal Uddin.
                      (FNAC) procedure and a sputum test.
                                                                                                   It is the concerted e orts of local health
                      The local ASHA and frontline worker
                                                                                                   practitioners  and  community    workers   that
                      informed the Trusts’ Patient Navigator
                                                                                                 eventually convinced Jalal Uddin to commence his
                      about  Jalal Uddin, who  facilitated an
                                                                                                radiation therapy. He is now on his way to recovery,
                      appointment and visit to the State Cancer
                                                                                              albeit a delayed one.
                      Institute (SCI).

                      Jalal Uddin’s diagnosis was delayed due to the pandemic, but in
                      May 2021 he was told he had metastatic carcinoma, or an
                      advanced stage of oral cancer. He was then referred to SCI for
                      further treatment, where he was advised to undergo further

                      tests, including an endoscopy-guided biopsy.                                            3  GOOD HEALTH AND
                                                                                                              PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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