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                             Fostering hope by delivering cancer care closer to homes

                      The Tata Trusts have been pioneers in the field of cancer care in   After undergoing nine cycles of chemotherapy at NCI, Usha also
                      India, with the establishment of the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH)   underwent surgery  in  November  2020. Unfortunately, she
                      in Mumbai in 1941. In the subsequent years, and especially more   relapsed nine months later, following which she had to undergo
                      recently, the Trusts have stepped up e orts to launch initiatives   further chemotherapy. Her deteriorating health given the
                      that encompass the entire range of cancer care from preventive   extreme side e ects of her  radiation treatment, and the
                      to  palliative. These  include  e orts  to  deliver  a ordable  and    mounting travel and treatment costs incurred during this
                      standardised care closer to the patients’ homes.                           time, forced her family to halt treatment.

                      This proved to be  a boon for Usha  Rajeshwar Devgade, a                      In February 2021, a medical o cer at the Mul
                      resident of Mul near Chandrapur, Maharashtra. After feeling                    rural hospital advised Usha to visit  the Trusts’
                      unwell for an extended period, she decided to undergo a                          health kiosk set up at the Government Hospital
                      screening exam in Chandrapur, where she was diagnosed                            in Chandrapur, which was nearer to her home.
                      with ovarian cancer and was referred to the National                            The cancer care team admitted her to the
                      Cancer Institute (NCI) at Jamtha in Nagpur district.                           day-care center set up in hospital, where she
                                                                                                   was attended to by the resident oncologist.
                      In 2018, the Trusts had helped NCI to upgrade hospital
                      infrastructure and equipment, as part of its country-wide                    Upon examination, Usha was advised to undergo
                      interventions to support the formation of a National                           further treatment with the assurance that this
                      Cancer Grid—a pan-India network of major cancer                                   would involve much less travel and associated
                      centres, research institutes, patient groups, and                                   costs, which has reassured her family and
                      charitable  institutions  that  work   towards                                        given her a renewed hope  for  recovery.
                      establishing uniform standards of patient care for

                      the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

                       3  GOOD HEALTH AND
                       PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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