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CHALLENGES FACED                                             medical check-up, and the distribution of antibiotics,
                                                                                         such as Amoxycillin, through the health system.
                             •  The guidelines for Mission Poshan 2.0 have been pending
                               approval for a long time. Besides, these do not clearly   •  Amendment in the FCRA Regulation  Act  and
                               mention the appetite test, frequency, and platform for a  short-term license renewals.

                                  AGE GROUP USING BIOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS

                                  To investigate the impact of the use of iron-fortified   ferritin and Vitamin C reactive protein assays have
                                  iodised salt on haemoglobin levels, the Nutrition    also been done.
                                  Foundation of India (NFI) undertook a community-
                                  based and open randomised study of two               NFI also collected blood samples from pregnant
                                  formulations: iron-fortified iodised salt and iodised   women to assess their micronutrient nutritional
                                  salt, in 750 families. Families who were willing to   status  prior  to,  and   after  micronutrient
                                  participate in the study were provided with iodised   supplementation. Besides, it sent coded samples in
                                  salt, or one of the two approved formulations of     duplicate to a path lab for evaluation. The quality
                                  iron-fortified iodised salt. Blood samples were       assurance tests for all the assays have been
                                  collected  from  women  in  the  reproductive  age   completed and were found to be satisfactory. The
                                  group at zero, six, and 12 months of use. The impact   data analysis is being undertaken and the final
                                  of the use of iron-fortified iodised salts and iron   reports are expected by December 2022.
                                  status is  being  assessed,  and  examinations  for

                                  VITAMIN D FORTIFICATION OF MILK AND OIL AND
                                  ITS IMPACT ON SERUM VITAMIN D CONCENTRATIONS

                                  There have been very few e ectiveness studies        This study is likely to provide conclusive results on:
                                  conducted globally to examine the e ect of Vitamin   (a) whether the vehicles for fortification are
                                  D fortification on Vitamin D status, and in India, no   appropriate or whether  the fortificant or its
                                  such study has been undertaken. Given this scenario,   amount needs to be changed; and
                                  an e ectiveness study was commissioned by the        (b) whether campaigns for buying fortified milk
                                  Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir Medical Trusts (HCJMRI) to   and oil are necessary, given that the fortified
                                  present and publish a comparative analysis of        products are not more expensive than their
                                  change in Serum 25(OH)D over a two-year period of    non-fortified counterparts.
                                  consuming foods fortified with Vitamin D, compared
                                  with consuming unfortified foods.

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