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information on ECD-related initiatives for children in   •  Providing technical and functional support to the
                               the age group of 0-3 years and a document on best         National Nutrition Week (NNW)/Poshan Maah and aim
                               practices was compiled for nutrition functionaries        to increase the knowledge and practice of consuming
                               of aspirational districts.                                nutritious food, while fostering a healthy diet among
                                                                                         mothers and children.
 •  Reviewing the erstwhile Poshan  Abhiyaan and now
 Mission  Poshan 2.0  for  monitoring and  evaluation   SETTING UP AND SUPPORTING THE   • Initiating the work plan for the Tata Trusts and Bill &
 guidelines through the technical support provided to   NATIONAL NUTRITION RESOURCE      Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) joint platform and
 the Niti Aayog, the team was able to provide data to   CENTRE (NNRC) AT THE MINISTRY OF   providing technical support to the NNRC.
 support  the  findings  of  the National  Family  Health   WELFARE AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT
 Survey  (NFHS)   for  individual  states  and  union   (MOWCD)                                     • Targeting fortification in social safety-net
 territories (UTs). In addition, a few specific states have                                            programmes, such as Mid-Day Meals and
 been supported in developing the action plan for   •  To technically support the Central            the Take-Home Ration programme of ICDS.
 addressing weight and anaemia-related deficiencies.  Project Management Unit (CPMU) of
                               POSHAN Abhiyaan, MoWCD  for  quality
                                                                                                  • Developing policy recommendations and
 •  Preparation  of  a  booklet  on  Gender  and  implementation, periodic monitoring,                  publications as per the key findings of
 Nutrition by the Women and Child Development   and other programmatic areas,                            research studies on Vitamin D
 division of the  NITI Aayog with the technical   the NNRC provided Big Data                              fortification of milk and oil on serum
 support  of  Tata  Trusts’  Nutrition team.  Analytics  (BDA)  support,                                   Vitamin D concentrations.
 The booklet:                  developing Behaviour Change
 (a) emphasises the role of women as the nutrition   Communications (BCC) and
 gatekeepers of society        Jan Andolan Monitoring &                                                  BEST
 (b)  provides  a  situational  analysis   Evaluation (M&E).
 and  strategy  for  improving                                                                          PRACTICES
 health and nutrition outcomes   •  The  Nutrition  team  members  at
 among  women,  adolescent     NNRC coordinated with state-level                                      • Undertaking monthly review meetings
 girls, and children           ICDS functionaries and consolidated                                     with Technical Support Units at MoWCD
 (c)  advocates  best  practices  the findings of national/regional-level                            and  NITI Aayog, which gave insight into
 followed in aspirational districts   consultations on early childhood development              national-level policymaking and programme
 relating to gender and nutrition  for children (0-3 years).                             plans for nutrition.
 (d)  provides  state-specific  salient
 features and recommendations for   •  Development of the governance dashboard for     •  Undertaking  monthly    review   meetings   with
 improvement in gender and nutrition  generating pan India factsheets and reports for    Research Study Partners for programmatic updates and
                               analysing  programmatic  performance  against  various    course correction.
 • Facilitation of the compilation of best   nutrition indicators.
 practices for Early Child Development (ECD) along with                                •  Participating  in  national   and    international
 the  NITI Aayog. This has been done by reviewing the                                    consortiums,  such as Development  Partners Forum,
 status of ECD in India, gathering scientific evidence,   GOING FORWARD                   IM/SAM and Stronger Foundations Global. These
 programmes and policies, and through coordination                                       platforms provide perspectives on how the Trusts can
                             •  Operationalising a comprehensive large-scale Child
 with  States/UTs.  The  team  collected  detailed                                       di erentiate and innovate.
                               Malnutrition Programme with a special focus on Severe
                               Acute Malnutrition (SAM).

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