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                                             Upskilling Oncology Specialist Nurses to
                                                         ramp up cancer care in India

                      With India experiencing a marked increase in the incidence of    Syamala and Salma became eligible for the Trusts’ nursing
                      cancer cases in the  recent  past, ramping up  healthcare and    fellowship as they had already been a part of SVICCAR’s
                      palliative care infrastructure for the treatment of various types   ongoing Cancer Care programme. The free-of-cost fellowship
                      of cancer has become crucial. At the same time, a paucity of     helps selected nursing sta  develop specialised knowledge,
                      adequate human resources, especially the shortage of trained     skills, and experience in Oncology nursing. The experience
                      nursing sta  has slowed progress in this direction.              proved valuable, allowing the participants to advance their
                                                                                       clinical skills for e ective use in SVICCAR’s cancer care unit.
                      Tata Trusts’ first-of-its-kind Nursing Fellowship Programme
                      (NFP) to upskill Registered Nurses (RNs) as Oncology Specialist   Salma is now a part of  the team that set up the inaugural
                      Nurses (OSNs) aims to plug this crucial gap, which provided      Radiation Therapy Department at SVICCAR, and says, “The NFP
                      both Shaik Salma and N. Syamala with exactly the kind of         programme has been great for my professional development as
                      professional fillip they were looking for.                        trainings are provided by experts in the field. Learning
                                                                                       objectives  are   achieved   through   assignments,   case
                      Alumni of the Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences
                                                                                       presentations, and participation in health talks. I have now
                      (SVIMS) in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, both Salma and Syamala
                                                                                       gained experience and confidence as a senior sta  nurse to be
                      were lucky to find professional breaks soon after graduation.
                                                                                       able to help my juniors.”
                      While Salma was invited to work in SVIMS’ Radiation Oncology
                      Department, Syamala was placed in the Medical Oncology           A certified Palliative Care Nurse from the Indian Association of
                      Department of her alma mater.                                    Palliative Care, Syamala feels privileged to
                                                                                       be working at SVICCAR, which has been
                      After  acquiring  considerable  experience  working  as  junior
                                                                                       instrumental  in  her  career  growth
                      nurses for six years, both found openings at the Sri
                                                                                       providing her new pathways to learning.
                      Venkateswara  Institute  of  Cancer  Care  &  Advanced  Research
                                                                                       She says, “I received special training on
                      (SVICCAR) to further advance their nursing skills by undergoing
                                                                                       how to use a chemotherapy port needle
                      training at the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai.
                                                                                       and feel confident about practising my
                      Based on a public-private partnership model, SVICCAR has         skills in the day-care centre. I have also
                      been set up in collaboration with the Alamelu Charitable         been trained to provide counselling and
                      Foundation (ACF), a Tata Trusts’ associate organisation set up in   health education to my patients.”
                      2017, to transform cancer care in India.

                                                                                         Nurse N. Syamala attends to a
                       3  GOOD HEALTH AND                                                patient in SVICCAR’s cancer care
                                                                                         day-care centre
                        PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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