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KEY ACHIEVEMENTS                                            iv) Dentists are working as public health doctors in
                                                                                            community outreach programmes in Assam,
                             •  Infrastructure units (Cancer Care Centres) are nearing      Tirupati, Ranchi, Chandrapur, and Cuttack. They are
                               completion. Over 500 domain-trained doctors, nurses,         engaged at the ‘Swasth Kiosks’ and in community
                               and technicians have been recruited for seven centres at     outreach  activities  for  cancer  screening  and
                               Barpeta,  Dibrugarh,  Jorhat,  Darrang,  Kokrajhar,          awareness. These public health doctors are also
                               Lakhimpur, and Tezpur in Assam; Tirupati in Andhra           engaged in the training and capacity building of
                               Pradesh, Ranchi in Jharkhand,  and Chandrapur                frontline health workers for oral cancer screening.
                               in Maharashtra.
                                                                                       •  235 nurses have been hired at Tirupati, Ranchi,
                             •  Four categories of doctors have been recruited for Cancer   Chandrapur, and Assam. These include oncology
                               Care Centres to be operated by the Cancer Care            specialist nurses, palliative care nurses, and outreach
                               Programme under the “Distributed Cancer Care Model.”      nurses. All freshly recruited nurses undergo a mandatory
                               These include:                                            12 week-long Nursing Induction Programme, while
                                                                                         experienced nurses undergo a two-week long Nursing
                               i)  45 oncology specialists, including medical oncologists,   Induction Programme. The Cancer Care Programme has
                                   surgical  oncologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear   also designed a special 11-month Nursing Fellowship
                                   medicine consultants, radiologists, onco-pathologists,   Programme to upskill registered nurses as oncology
                                   and anaesthesia specialists.                          specialist nurses.

                                       ii) Post-graduate doctors from multiple         •  176 technicians have been recruited for the Cancer Care
                                               specialities hired as fellows to          Centres in Assam, Mumbai, Tirupati, and Ranchi and are
                                                undergo training for three years,        being trained in onco-pathology, radiology, radiation
                                                  wherein they spend a year at a         therapy, laboratory, anaesthesia, and to work in the
                                                   high-volume  cancer centre and        Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD).
                                                  two   years  at   Cancer   Care
                                                 Programme Centres working as          •  There has been a renewed impetus in ‘early detection’
                                               specialist registrars. Upon completion    e orts made by the outreach teams across locations.
                                                 of the fellowship, these doctors will   Frontline workers are being trained to promote cancer
                                                   be absorbed by the programme          awareness messages deeper into the community, with
                                                      as per suitability, eligibility,   the  aim of  increasing  cancer  screening.   Sta   at  the
                                                      and requirement.                   Health and Wellness Centres (HWCs) are being trained
                                                                                         to  conduct screenings for oral, breast, and cervical
                                               iii)  Doctors with MBBS degrees are       cancers. The kiosks continue to provide screening
                                                  hired as general duty medical          services to patients, caregivers, and visitors at
                                   o cers to assist oncology specialists in consultation   the respective hospitals.
                                   and  treatment of patients at day care, OPD, IPD,
                                   post-operative, and palliative care.

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