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with all key stakeholders to ensure MHM-          menstrual issues and doubts. The Trusts also
            friendly behaviour is adapted and becomes a       organise meetings wherein doctors talk about the
            sustainable habit.                                issue and its repercussions on health, hygiene,
                Stakeholder buy-in becomes more important     sanitation, etc. with the community.
            when WaSH facilities are needed. For instance,        The Trusts also raise awareness of the
            schools need girls-only toilets with taps for water   issue through district and block level workshops
            and facilities for disposal of menstrual products.   held for stakeholders such as government
            The programme also provides technical support to   departments, other NGOs, and academic
            enhance existing facilities.                      institutions. The intent is to drive greater
                Awareness sessions are conducted in           public discourse on the subject and to promote
            continuation of other village-level meetings, such   a solution-oriented approach among people
            as meetings of Pani Samitis. These education      and institutions that are concerned with social
            sessions help convince men to attend couple       development.
            counselling sessions for MHM later. Participation
            from Panchayat members and local leaders          soCial BeHaviour CHange
            strengthens the mobilisation purpose.             The efforts of the Trusts are geared to create
                The Tata Trusts engages with officials both   social behavioural change at the macro level as
            at the district and block level to set up health   well as the micro level. The macro level consists
            camps. These health camps provide screening and   of engaging with the larger community as a
            consultation process to women and young girls to   whole, such as by addressing menstruation at
            allay their menstruation concerns.                community health camps, having doctors address
                As part of its interaction with government    the community, encouraging local opinion leaders
            bodies, the Tata Trusts also provides training and   to speak up.
            reference materials to ASHAs and anganwadi            This open communication helps dispel myths
            workers. These government front line workers are   and taboos and encourages women to speak up.
            thus equipped to discuss menstrual health with    It adds momentum to societal change. The micro
            the women in the community. This increases the    level consists of outreach to individuals through
            outreach to women and creates a cascading effect   sakhis (or CRPs / community resource persons),
            as more women are empowered to discuss their      and through the frontline workers.

            digital Behavioural Change Communication Material

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