Page 27 - MHM Report-2023
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Behaviour Messaging: The MHM                     Interventions: Where feasible, the MHM
            programme includes knowledge-building            programme implements various models for
            sessions around safe and effective disposal      menstrual waste management including composting,
            options. The messaging encourages women          low-cost incineration and bio-medical incineration.
            to make an informed choice of product that       These models are implemented within the larger
            takes into consideration factors beyond cost,    solid waste intervention programmes designed and
            such as disposal and waste management. This      implemented by Tata Water Mission. In certain
            messaging also touches upon the need for         communities, the programme has introduced matka
            household-level segregation so that families     incinerators, which can be installed in close vicinity
            can participate and manage menstrual waste       of households and allow for safe and controlled
            appropriately.                                   incineration of used absorbents (see box 11).

               Matka incinerators

               Innovative mud pot incinerators, popularised by Tata Water Mission, ensure easy and hygienic disposal of
               used sanitary pads. Given a mud pot is the sole requirement for this intervention, it is easy to implement
               for anyone wishing to use this incinerator. The Matka incinerator involves creating eight to ten holes in an
               earthen pot. These holes are placed strategically to ensure inlet of oxygen, and outlet of smoke or even
       11      rain-water in a safe manner. The pot with a lid is placed in a mud-pit, with few pieces of bricks placed
               under it. The bricks ensure the pot remains dry. Sanitary pads can be burnt safely inside these pots, thus
               preventing litter.

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