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            awareness, gender inequitable norms, access,      achieving these objectives. Activities under the
            hygiene, sustainable menstrual products, and safe   MHM programme are designed and executed
            menstrual waste management.                       to lead to the following outcomes — educating
                                                              adolescent girls about their physiology and good
            TaTa TrusTs’ approaCH To MHM                      hygiene practices; encouraging adult women to

            There are four key objectives in the MHM          adopt hygienic practices and stitch their own
            programme, which are summarised as the            cloth pads; and engaging family members and
            EPIC model:                                       schools to enhance the reach and impact of the
             Encouraging equitable gender norms through      effort and addressing gender inequitable norms.
               behavioural change                                 The Trusts have developed training
             Promoting social entrepreneurship               modules that build awareness and knowledge
             Inculcating safe and hygienic habits            about MHM. These sessions support
             Creating awareness for responsible disposal     sustainable behaviour change.
                The EPIC model helps create sustainable
            change in the community — from building           aiding WoMen THrougH
            awareness to empowering women to speak up, to     agenCy
            a focus on health and hygiene, local supply chains   Through awareness sessions designed
            for sustainable products and safe disposal.       exclusively for women, the MHM programme
                Behavioural change, at the individual,        creates awareness amongst menstruating
            household and community levels, is central to     women and girls. The sessions teach them

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