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about their bodies, reproductive systems and      team encourages women to initiate a dialogue
            the biology of menstruation. The MHM team         with their partners on menstruation. These
            guides them with the right knowledge to manage    sessions help married men to understand and
            their menstruation effectively and in a hygienic   positively view menstruation. They also become
            manner (see box 7 on page 22). Women also gain    better sensitised to the needs of their partners.
            valuable information on nutrition and menstrual   These sessions help husbands understand
            management products, which help them make an      the impact of menstruation management on
            informed choice of healthy living.                their lives, for instance, in family planning.
                                                              The right knowledge can lead to informed
            Breaking Barriers WiTH Men                        decision-making. The team follows up on couple

            Through couple counselling sessions, the MHM      counselling sessions with home visits.

            Training Modules

                  MODULE                                             MODULE
                      1                                                 3
                                            MODULE                                             MODULE
                                               2                                                  4
              Introduction —                                     Understanding
               Starting with                                           and
              an ice breaking           Pre Menstrual             demystifying               Importance
                session and              Symptoms —                 myths and                 of having
              taking consent            stomach pain,            taboos around              conversations
                                       white discharge,           menstruation                between

            Puberty — sharing             menopause                                        daughters and
                first period                                         Personal                  mothers
              stories, changes            Nutrition —           Hygiene — list of
             in the body as we          balanced diet           7 hygiene habits            Involving men
                  grow up                                           discussed              in menstruation
                                                                                              — son and
                                       Basket of Choice                                        husband
              Understanding               (Menstrual
                 theory of               Products) —
             menstruation and           cloth, sanitary                                        Sexual &
              normal days of          napkin, ecofemme                                      Reproductive
                 bleeding             saafkins, tampons                                     Health — safe
                                        and menstrual                                      and unsafe days
             Period Calendar                 cups                                          and sex of child
              — how to track
                 one’s own
             menstrual cycle

            Note: Recap is done at the beginning of each session with the help of IEC materials

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