Page 24 - MHM Report-2023
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at the heart of the programme. This includes      messaging is targeted at women and girls, along
            messaging around importance of hygienic use of    with influencers and decision makers such as
            absorbents, personal grooming, health-seeking     husbands, parents, elders, etc. The community as
            practices and the need for MHM-friendly WaSH      a whole needs to be convinced of the importance
            facilities (see box 9). The behaviour change      of MHM. Tata Water Mission seeks to engage

               The ideal MHM-friendly facility

               The programme educates stakeholders on the know-how of making a toilet facility an MHM-friendly one.
        9      Aspects such as allowing women access at all times, presence of light and ventilation, availability of soap
               and water, ensuring safety and privacy by appropriate latches, adding hooks and shelves to facilitate
               changing and washing absorbents — these are some simple necessities.

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