Page 28 - MHM Report-2023
P. 28

empowering women:

            Holistic approach for MHM

                                                                           planning phase
                                                                           implementation phase
                                                                           Consolidation phase

                    Problem                    Selection &                   Collection &
                identification &           capacity building of               analysis of
                village selection         community personnel               baseline data

                             4 MHM modules                 Evaluation: Pre-test             Group formation/
                              oriented with              data about knowledge                  Institutional
                           adolescent girls and               and practices                     building at
                            women, boys and                                                  community level

          Promotion of
         informed choice
            of reusable

                                         Setting up cloth                   Building social
                                       pad production unit            entrepreneurship through
                                                                      production and supply of
                                                                              cloth pads

                          End-line survey                       Set up disposal

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