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                                                    Augmenting income, empowering
                                                         tribal women entrepreneurs

                      The creation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) has been instrumental    During subsequent meetings, Sumitraben learnt more about
                      in empowering women entrepreneurs and reducing gender            credit practices, various helpful government social security
                      disparity across tribal communities in India. Sumitraben         schemes, including insurance and pension schemes, and support
                      Sureshbhai Ninama, 36, practices farming in Dungarpur village    benefits o ered by the agriculture department. Listening to her
                      of Gujarat’s Dahod district. Joining an SHG started by the Tata   peers’ positive personal experiences about increased farming
                      Trusts’ associate organisation—Collectives for Integrated        returns stemming from the use of new cultivation methods,
                      Livelihood Initiatives (CInI), under its Parivartan-Lakhpati Kisan   access to quality inputs, and adoption of scientific practices to

                      initiative in Gujarat—changed her life.                          choose suitable crop combinations for optimal returns, gave
                                                                                       Sumitraben the confidence to incorporate these learnings into
                      Using traditional rainfed and mono-cropping agricultural
                                                                                       her crop planning strategy.
                      techniques to grow maize and wheat on a two-acre piece of
                      land to support a family of eight, Sumitraben struggled to make   Doing so helped Sumitraben augment her
                      ends meet. Unreliable rainfall patterns, lack of knowledge about   farming income substantially and improve
                      sustainable farming practices, increasing costs of cultivation,   her overall economic condition. Says

                      and dwindling returns forced her to borrow credit from a local   Sumitraben,   “My   family  is  happier
                      moneylender, at a high rate of interest, to alleviate her situation.  because of the substantial income
                                                                                       generated from farming our land,
                      With no improvement in her economic condition, Sumitraben
                                                                                       which was not the case before. I
                      and her husband had to resort to working as agri-labourers in
                                                                                       will sincerely continue my e orts
                      the village to supplement their income. Attending a meeting
                                                                                       to adopt, scale up, and follow
                      organised by Clnl under the Parivartan-Lakhpati Kisan initiative
                                                                                       sustainable agriculture  practices
                      to improve knowledge and scale up programmes in areas, such
                                                                                       in the future as well.”
                      as agricultural productivity stabilisation, water resource
                      development, and microfinance, gave her hope of turning
                      things around.

                        1  NO POVERTY                                                    Sumitraben and Sureshbhai Ninama in
                                                                                         their field
                        PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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