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KEY ACHIEVEMENTS                                            partners; namely, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences
                                                                                        (TISS), Mumbai, and the Mahatma Gandhi International

                             • Under the regional initiatives carried out across        School in Ahmedabad.
                               Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Odisha, eastern Uttar Pradesh,
                               Rajasthan, Assam, Mizoram, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and    •  The  Centre  of  Excellence  in  Teacher  Education  (CETE),
                               Karnataka, the Trusts’ teams reached out to children     seeded by the Tata Trusts at TISS, to strengthen the
                               through community-level volunteers to retain their       teacher education sector in the country was inaugurated
                               engagement with the learning process, regardless of      on November 12, 2021, at TISS, Mumbai. CETE will focus
                               school closures.                                         on in-service, pre-service teacher education, policy
                                                                                        advocacy,  and research. The Centre  also received

                             • A community-based intervention entitled, ‘Promoting      recognition from the National  Council for Teacher
                               Learning during the Pandemic’ was implemented in         Education  (NCTE) for  B.Ed. and  M.Ed.  programmes
                               Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Rajasthan,      o ered under the innovative category, allowing multiple
                               where   a  common    baseline-endline  of  student       entry and exit options to students. It also launched an
                               assessment was undertaken to understand the status of    online Digital  Badge  course  on  ‘Inquiry  Based  Learning
                               learning in Languages and Mathematics. Across states,    with Technology: Design and Implement WebQuest for
                               gains in these two categories ranged between 11% and     Students,’ which is a self-paced course that endeavours to
                               43%.  84%  to  97%  of  the  students  (in  Languages)  and   explore the concept of inquiry-based and problem-based
                               72% to 96% of students (in Mathematics) scored above     learning activities for students using technology.
                               the benchmark cut-o  defined for each grade, showing
                               significant retention of foundational skills.            • CETE’s collaboration with UNESCO led to the
                                                                                        publication of a report on ‘No Teacher, No Class- State of
                             • Tata  Trusts  was  invited  by  the  central  government  to   the Education Report for India 2021,’ authored by the
                               develop a course for the professional development of     former’s academic team. The report strongly recognises
                               teachers  on  Experiential  Learning,  a  concept  also   the importance of a teacher’s professional development
                               highlighted  in  the  National  Education  Policy,  2020.  An   for ensuring  quality education  among students and
                               eight-week long certificate course on Experiential        emphasises a teacher’s autonomy, motivation, and
                               Learning for the 21  Century for educators from the      agency, through concepts like creating vibrant
                               Central Board of Secondary Education Board (CBSE) and    communities of practice.
                               Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS)
                               system was launched and o ered to                                          • The Parag Initiative of Tata Trusts
                               a  batch of 259  teachers  in  6                                              continued    its   work    by:
                               states, as part of a Continuous                                                  (i) supporting the development
                               Professional  Development (CPD)                                               of children’s books in Indian
                               initiative. The course saw a                                                  languages,  at  schools,  and
                               completion rate of  74%  among                                                community-based libraries; and
                               participating teachers. The course                                            (ii) launching the Parag Honour
                               was created as part of a joint                                                List 2022.
                               initiative  between  the  Trusts,
                               the   CBSE,  and   the   Trusts’

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