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BEST PRACTICES                                            Pathways to Prosperity: Lakhpati Kisan (PPLK) – Launched
                                                                                       in April 2015, this programme has covered 530,925
                             Climate Smart Agriculture and  Livestock (CSAL) –  The    households in 1,093 villages of 15 districts of Jharkhand,
                             programme focuses on adaptation  mechanisms  for          Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Odisha. It aims to mitigate risks
                             climate  change to  deliver  food  security and  sustainable   by ensuring financial security through a combination of
                             increase in productivity and incomes. The highlight is an   layered interventions.  Community  institution-centered
                             integrated approach to agriculture and livestock that also   interventions with a market driven, demand linked
                             includes demand side measures. Major projects include:    approach, and innovative, technology driven solutions have
                                                                                       helped thousands of families prosper. The Lakhpati Kisan
                                          Mission pulses programme in Uttarakhand:     model is one of the flagship models under the Rural
                                            Started in  February 2018  and covering    Upliftment portfolio of the Trusts and the FPOs promoted
                                             125,185 beneficiaries in 12 blocks of      under it have received several awards.
                                              nine districts of Uttarakhand, the
                                              programme aims to increase the annual
                                              income of 150,000 beneficiaries by        CHALLENGES FACED
                                                      between `50,000 and `70,000
                                                      from agriculture interventions,   • The  Bird  Flu  outbreak  in  several  states  (Maharashtra,
                                                      and by over  `20,000  from        Kerala,  Haryana,  Madhya   Pradesh,   Chhattisgarh,
                                                       pulses  and   legumes.   A       Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab) in the
                                                      community institution-driven      first half of the year has reduced demand for poultry,
                                                      model has promoted the            resulting in low prices. After facing a prolonged surge in
                                                     Trishulii brand for the marketing   avian flu cases, the sector is now eyeing a recovery based
                                                      of  agriculture  commodities      on rising  prices,  fuelled by  a  pick-up  in  demand  and
                                                      from 500 villages, which has      shortage of birds in the market.
                                                      already established market
                                                       linkages with Mother  Dairy,    • Over 5 million hectares of agricultural land was a ected
                                                      Tata Consumer Products Ltd.,      due to heavy unseasonal rains during November 2021.
                                                      Big Basket, and Innoterra. Pilot   Cyclonic  storms  and flash floods a ected over 5
                                                     testing to supply to the 25        million hectares across 20 states. Karnataka was the
                                                    SAFAL outlets is underway.          worst hit, with crop loss across an area of 1.4
                                                                                        million hectares (ha), followed by Rajasthan

                                             Central Himalayan Livestock Initiative -   (679,000 ha), West Bengal (690,000 ha), Bihar
                             Phase 2: Operationalised in January 2022, this programme   (580,000 ha) and Maharashtra (455,000 ha).
                             builds on the first phase that covered 182,850 beneficiaries   Other a ected states included Tamil Nadu,
                             in 1,200 villages of 12 districts in Uttarakhand.  The     Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha.
                             programme aims to increase the annual income of
                             300,000 individuals up to  `130,000 through improved      • Both the crafts and tourism sectors experienced a
                             fodder/feed,  breed,  better  management,  health  services,   cautious re-opening of markets, with inflationary trends
                             and marketing linkages. The programme will operate 40      subduing profit margins; this has been especially acute in
                             self-reliant and self-sustained federations and develop    the crafts sector where yarn prices have gone up as much
                             2,100 self-sustained individual entrepreneurs.             as 40% in some cases.

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