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GOING FORWARD                                             CHALLENGES FACED

                             • Design and roll out multi-state programmes focussing    • Despite best e orts, given the access barriers created
                               on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and         by the pandemic, only a small percentage of children
                               in-school  education.  These  programmes  will  address   could be covered during the year. Undoubtedly, the
                               the impact of extended school closures by o ering        extended closure of schools, coupled with the limited
                               quality ECCE, strengthening the continuum between        reach of online education due to a host of factors, has
                               ECCE and early grades, and facilitating remediation      impacted the education and development of children,
                               and foundational learning through an alignment with      especially the younger generation.
                               NIPUN Bharat.

                                                                                       • On re-opening of schools, teachers were found to have
                             • Intensify engagement with parents and community          mainly   focussed   on  completing   the   syllabus,
                               members to provide active support to children’s          irrespective of children’s current learning levels, which
                               learning and address their overall well-being.           a ected the actual learning progress.

                             • Complete  a  multi-state  study  on  the  impact  of  the   •  Low and irregular attendance of children at schools
                               pandemic on children and disseminate its findings.        continued to be a challenge, further impacting

                                                                                        continuity of learning inputs gathered from irregular
                             • Based on the large number of out-of-school children      children. The mid-day meal programme also did not
                               estimated, based on micro-studies undertaken in Uttar    resume in all states.
                               Pradesh, a larger study has been proposed to
                               understand the issue.

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