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                                                 Changing the lives of 12,000 women

                                                       through the Tata Dairy Mission

                      Chamela Devi is among the thousands of women living in           Milk Producer Company (MPC). Functioning as a cooperative
                      villages dotting  India’s countryside whose lives have been      made up local and regional producers, an MPC allows the
                      transformed by the Tata Dairy Mission initiative.                member stakeholders to share profits.

                      With her income solely dependent on cultivating a small land     That is how Chamela became a shareholder in the Shwetdhara
                      holding and meagre sales generated from selling milk, Chamela,   Mahila MPC Ltd. (now known as the Shwetdhara MPC), set up in

                      a resident of Patti village in the Pratapgarh district of Uttar   Pratapgarh in 2016 with initial funding support from the Trusts.
                      Pradesh regularly struggled to provide for her family of eight,   Not only did this empower her socially and economically,
                      including a husband and six children.                            Chamela also became an active member of a network driven by
                                                                                       market-savvy  female  dairy  producers  armed  with  knowledge
                                    Most farmers in India own a land holding of less
                                                                                       about the latest technology, infrastructure, and assured market
                                      than 2 hectares, making livestock rearing, and
                                                                                       linkages to grow their community-driven business.
                                       the assured and regular cashflows generated

                                        from it, critical for sustainable income. A    “Good management by the farmers and the guidance we
                                        lack of supporting infrastructure and          received from professionals completely changed the picture for
                                               guidance    has   made    building      us,” says Chamela.

                                                capacity in key areas, such as milk
                                                                                       She also managed to double her income and expand her
                                                production, breed improvement,
                                                                                       livestock holding within a few years. The milk cooperative has
                                                and animal nutrition, a challenge.
                                                                                       further expanded its footprint in the region and currently

                                               The Tata Trusts set up the Dairy        operates with the help of a network of more than 300 villages
                                               Health and Nutrition Initiative India   and about 12,000 women members and their families in the
                                                Foundation (DHANII) as part of the     districts of Pratapgarh, Bahraich, Balrampur, and Shravasti.

                                                initiative to help such farmers
                                                by    collaborating  with   local
                                                community organisations to form a

                                              Chamela Devi doubled her income
                                              and expanded her livestock holding                               1  NO POVERTY

                                                                                                               PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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