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                                              Improving primary healthcare access in

                                               India through technology interventions

                      The use of technology to consolidate and harness health data of   Programme on Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, CVD
                      a large  and varied population, such as in India, has been       and Stroke (NPCDCS) and the  ‘Ayushman Bharat’ healthcare
                      instrumental in improving access to primary healthcare,          insurance programme, the Trusts have also been working in close
                      especially for rural and remote communities.                     concert  with  government  and  non-government agencies  to
                                                                                       improve primary healthcare facilities.
                      To that end, Tata Trusts have supported the development of a
                      digital  platform  for  screening  of  Non-Communicable  Diseases   The Trusts’ interventions aim to strengthen government
                      (NCDs) in collaboration with the Dell Foundation. This online    programmes by  focussing  on  early screening, diagnosis,  and
                      health portal is a tool to access timely medical consultation for   referral management for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs),
                      many. One such case is of a woman residing in Churu district of   through skill building of frontline workers, such as ASHAs and
                      Rajasthan who was able to access medical care on time. The       ANMs, stepping up technology adoption, providing a continuum
                      woman had been coping with acute stomach pain for an             of care through access to regular treatment, and follow-ups and
                      extended period and had also experienced sudden and              access to appropriate medicines in a timely manner.
                      inexplicable weight loss.
                                                                                       The combined e orts of state and district o cials, and the Trusts’
                      Unable to treat either condition with the home remedies she had   team have led to the enrolment of more than 10 million individuals
                      been  advised to  use  initially,  she  was  enrolled  in the Trusts’   on the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) portal. This is
                      Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Portal, enabling easy           valuable and significant health data, which has also allowed this
                      access to a physician. Upon examination, she was diagnosed with                           large  cohort to access primary
                      Extrapulmonary  Tuberculosis,  followed  by  a  nine-month                                  healthcare with just a click of a
                      treatment programme leading to a complete recovery.                                           button, especially during the
                                                                                                                    physical restrictions imposed by
                      India has registered a marked increase in the number of                                       the pandemic.
                      Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular
                      disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, etc. in the recent
                                                                                                                  Community Health O cers
                      decades,  which has  only  reinforced  the  need to  strengthen                             (CHOs) attending the CPHC
                      access to, and delivery of, primary healthcare across the country.                          NCD ANM mobile application
                                                                                                                  training programme in Churu,
                      While government e orts include the introduction of the National                            Rajasthan

                       3   GOOD HEALTH AND
                        PROJECT ALIGNS WITH SDG

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