Page 15 - MHM Report-2023
P. 15

Access to and awareness of safe MHM           menstrual hygiene products end up polluting
            practices help build confidence in girls and young   soil in open fields or water sources, harming the
            women to think, discuss and act about their       environment and impacting community health.
            health and well-being. MHM awareness aids a       Awareness and practice of safe MHM-related
            young woman with useful information and tools     product disposal can help improve overall health
            to make the right choice for her overall health   and well-being of all community members.
            and body. MHM education at the school-going           All stakeholders should aim to fully
            age plays a vital role in shaping future women    eradicate unsafe menstrual hygiene practices
            into individuals with higher autonomy over their   in India. All stakeholders will need to adopt
            reproductive health.                              actions and programmes focused on dispelling
                                                              myths, ending archaic menstruation practices
            iv)  improved community living                    and improving availability and access of
            Sanitary pads, by virtue of being disposable      menstrual hygiene products to achieve the
            and non-compostable, also have an extremely       100% goal.
            damaging impact on the environment within         Please refer to the last chapter of this report for a
            which they are eventually disposed. Often, used   further discussion on adoption of this goal.

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