Page 6 - Tata-Trusts-Annual-Report-2021-22
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quality,  land  use,  water,  sustainable  energy,  sustainable   of our population thereby positively impacting health,
                             agriculture, climate data, and risk assessment.           increasing individual potential and productivity, and
                                                                                       supporting economic  development.
                             Forging ahead with the core commitment towards
                             continued  engagement  with  grassroot-level communities,   The Trusts also initialised collaborations with 14 state
                             the Trusts’ numerous field teams and partner organisations   governments for the implementation of community-
                             closely collaborated with multiple levels of government,   centric safe drinking water programmes under the scope
                             like-minded  organisations in the corporate and  social   of the centre’s Jal Jeevan Mission. This aims to provide

                             development sectors, NGOs, and civil society groups to    safe, assured, and adequate drinking water to all rural
                             implement programmes e ectively and on a large scale.     households across the country by 2024. Over a
                                                                                       three-year period, the Trusts will also work to cover over
                             The Trusts’ livelihood-based interventions helped         3,500 villages across 32 districts, benefiting more than
                             establish 82 federations with 155,000 members,            1.25 million individuals (250,000 households).
                             achieving a cumulative annual turnover of `980 million,
                             while 29 Farmer Producer Organisations with a             While there is no denying the power of individual

                             membership of 115,000 members reported a total            thought—the immense capacity of a single person to
                             turnover of `3.79 billion across project areas.           envision change on a grand scale—it is only through the
                                                                                       power of community that we can realise our collective
                             The Trusts’ engagements in the field of nutrition focus    vision of building an equitable and inclusive future. This
                             on addressing  malnourishment and undernourishment        hopeful reimagining of future possibilities cannot be
                             amongst children and young mothers covering villages      possible without the Trusts’ employees, partners, and
                             and Anganwadi centres through the National Nutrition      donors, who are passionately invested in the shared
                             Resource  Centres  and  provision  of  data  analytics    purpose   of  building  resilient  communities  and
                             support to the Women and Child Development division       empowering the most disadvantaged and dispossessed.

                             of the NITI Aayog. One hopes to influence and improve      For it is their work that is driving positive change and
                             the nutritional status of the vulnerable sections         uplifting communities across India.
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