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                             For over a century now, the Trusts have endeavored to
                             achieve lasting positive change in the lives of many,
                             especially those subsisting on the margins. These e orts
                             are at the heart of our core philosophy to use
                             philanthropy as an instrument for social transformation.

                             A tradition that has strongly engendered e orts to a ect
                             not just change but build strong and resilient

                             communities that are equipped to counter the serious
                             challenges that lie ahead, such as growing income and
                             social inequality, the wide-ranging impacts of climate
                             change, and resulting scarcities and deprivations.

                             The continuing impacts of the global Coronavirus
                             pandemic    include  considerably  reversing  crucial

                             development gains made in some key areas, such as
                             gender equality, poverty  alleviation,  food  security,   RATAN N. TATA
                             education, health, and nutrition. During the year under
                             review, the Trusts have continued their ongoing e orts to
                             rebuild what has been  lost during  the  last two years,   oral, breast, and cervical cancer during 2021-2022,
                             strengthen the foundational work done in other verticals,   besides training over 22,000 frontline workers, along
                             and foray into new projects guided by hope in the         with 980 physicians and Ayush practitioners.
                             immeasurable capacity of our communities to regenerate
                             and thrive.                                               As with any attempt to a ect enduring change,

                                                                                       sustainability is key. The stark reality of a world coping
                             The Trusts are advancing their e orts to provide quality   with a climate emergency has reiterated this more
                             and a ordable cancer care in India through the novel      cogently and is an urgent reminder of the destructive and
                             “Distributed Model of  Cancer Care,” which envisions      irreversible results of delayed action. Seeded by the
                             opening 17 cancer care facilities across Assam,           Trusts, the India Climate Collaborative aims to position
                             Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. The cancer    India as a global climate change movement leader. It has
                             care programme screened over 64,000 individuals for       launched programmes in critical sectors, including air
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