Page 14 - MHM Report-2023
P. 14

GAins for socieTy                                 help increase reporting and help-seeking for cases of

            A holistic, scalable and sustainable MHM          urogenital infections for timely treatment and also
            programme aims to enable knowledge,               prevent them.
            adoption and sustained practices of safe MHM
            behaviours, reinforced by a supportive socio-     ii)  social empowerment
            cultural environment. While women and girls       Social discourse on menstruation helps break down
            benefit directly from this approach, the gains    barriers and taboos. Girls and women are empowered
            are experienced by others too. Research results   to open up and talk without fear or shame. They gain
            suggest that safe MHM practices can lead          confidence to share their experiences and benefit
            to improved reproductive health for women,        from a stronger understanding of their own health
            informed decision making between married          and body functions.
            couples, better community living and higher
            social well-being.                                iii)  Higher literacy
                                                              Inability to manage menstruation is a key contributor
            i)  better reproductive health                    to higher drop-out rates among schoolgirls. Awareness
            Research studies have established direct links    of and access to reliable menstrual hygiene products,
            between a lack of hygienic MHM practices and      coupled with availability of MHM-friendly WaSH
            higher instances of infections such as RTIs       facilities to change them at regular intervals, can
            in women. Changed perceptions regarding           reverse the trend of school absenteeism and drop-outs
            menstruation and better MHM methods can           by girl students.

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