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                      Over the years, the Trusts have endeavoured to be   Rajasthan and Gujarat. Through a focused   during a difficult year. The Trusts will continue
                      instruments of change – changing lives of   programme implemented across 6 states, the   efforts with sustained vigour to provide relief from
                      disadvantaged communities across the country. But   Trusts helped thousands of migrant workers who   the pandemic, whilst also focusing on other
                      then, a once-in-a-lifetime globally prevailing event   were suddenly left jobless, along with their families.   developmental challenges facing our country.
                      constrains efforts and threatens to change the very   In order to augment the availability of trained   The efforts to bring smiles on millions of faces
                      existence and the way people live. The continuing   medical resources, 9,800 medical professionals   will continue.
                      prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the   comprising 3,700 doctors, 5,000 nurses and 1,100
                      second year running, is severely testing the world;   paramedics were trained on Covid protocols.
                      more so developing countries such as India.  While the pandemic understandably dented efforts
                      The year under review witnessed the Trusts working   and stretched resources of the teams, programmes
                      with various government bodies and like-minded   in other priority areas continued, albeit at a slower
                      partner institutions to help alleviate the sufferings   pace. Mobile Medical Units were launched to offer
                      brought about by a relentless Covid. Even as the   free check-ups for various cancers and other
                      pandemic first broke out in March 2020, the Trusts’   non-communicable diseases. Partnerships were
                      teams worked at speed, amidst stringent    forged to advance the status of women and
                      lockdowns, distributing supplies of Personnel   children impacted by the pandemic. The Trusts’
                      Protection Equipment to equip frontline workers   programmes in Education, Menstrual Hygiene
                      across the country. Immediately thereafter, the   Management, Nutrition and Health were
                      Trusts began an India-wide community outreach   re-imagined to overcome constraints posed by the   Ratan N. Tata
                      programme to encourage adoption of good    pandemic. These are just some of the punctuation
                      practices in rural areas to check the spread of Covid.   marks in a year-long statement of efforts that
                      Over 12 million people across 21 states were covered   focused on enhancing livelihoods of marginalised
                      through videos and audio messages, produced   farmers, ensuring education of rural children,
                      in-house in various languages and even remote   development of water resources and sanitation
                      dialects. Notably, the Trusts partnered with several   facilities in villages, and provisions of fortified
                      state governments in augmenting healthcare   nutrition in various needy blocks, besides others.
                      infrastructure and set up Covid care facilities with a   I would like to compliment the teams at Tata Trusts,
                      combined capacity of over 950 beds at 7 brownfield   who unhesitatingly answered the call of duty and
                      facilities across  Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra,   performed a stellar role while on the frontlines,
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