Page 7 - MHM Report-2023
P. 7

women’s wellbeing. Lack of awareness and              Five years later and eight states strong,
            adoption of safe menstrual health & hygiene       the dedicated Tata Trusts’ MHM team is a
            management (MHM) practices pose a serious         repository of vital insights. Through operations
            threat to this rich demography of India.          at a grassroot level, the team has gathered
                As highlighted in this report, a large        functional intelligence of the intricate gendered
            majority of young girls and women in India        social fabric that envelops the menstrual health
            lack the right knowledge on menstruation.         of millions of India’s women and young girls.
            Misinformation around biological aspects of           This report is an effort to document the
            menstruation can lead to several challenges       need for MHM in India and to offer a tried-and-
            across health, gender equality, sanitation and    tested way forward. The MHM programme aims
            other socio-economic development factors.         to achieve gender equity and community health
                The Tata Trusts embarked on a new journey     through awareness and adoption of safe MHM
            with the start of the Menstrual Health &          practices in different parts of India. Through
            Hygiene Management programme in 2018. The         documentation of our on-ground interventions
            need for this programme rose from the feedback    and case stories, this report is our sincere effort
            the Tata Water Mission team received from         to make our learnings and insights available
            women while implementing its extensive water      to a wider set of stakeholders who strive for a
            and sanitation projects.                          similar goal.

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