Transforming lives

At Tata Trusts, we are striving to build a sustainable society and improve the lives of disadvantaged people


Tata Trusts has been developing and supporting initiatives to address some of the major issues in the field of public health for many decades now. The initiatives ensure that equitable, affordable, high-quality and sustainable healthcare is made universally accessible. The broad areas of engagement for the portfolio are women and child health, non-communicable diseases and human resources for health

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Tata Trusts is committed to improving environmental sanitation and access to safe and adequate water for drinking and livelihood purposes. The Tata Water Mission was launched to create rapid and scalable impact in tackling India’s water crisis through technology innovations, improved service delivery and behavioural change communication

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The Trusts provides access to affordable and clean energy in the rural belts of India by supporting sustainable energy projects. The objective is to support and implement replicable energy projects where underserved households become owners of assets and not just consumers — leading to empowerment and holistic eradication of poverty

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Rural Upliftment

The Trusts is facilitating inclusive growth of marginalised populations in villages across India. The rural upliftment portfolio of the Trusts focuses on food security, regaining agricultural dynamism, income generation, housing, land rights, and potable water and sanitation

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Ensuring quality education for children, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, is the central goal of the Trusts’ education portfolio. Thematic and regional initiatives of the Trusts focus on age- and grade-appropriate learning, 21st century skills, use of technology, collaborative learning, women’s literacy, and improving access to education for minority communities

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Urban Poverty Alleviation

India’s growing urbanisation has given rise to unplanned expansion and poor living and working conditions in the cities. The Trusts’ engagement in the urban space focuses on migration, skill development, enabling sustainable livelihoods, and addressing challenges related to housing, basic needs, etc

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Arts, Crafts And culture

The arts, crafts and culture portfolio of the Trusts initiate and support projects aimed at restoring monuments, reviving traditional art forms and securing the livelihoods of artists and artisans. By facilitating courses and training and supporting artisans across various disciplines and regions, it is striving to preserve and conserve India’s rich heritage and culture

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Innovative techniques and processes have been an integral part of the social transformation brought about by the Trusts in rural India. The focus has been on bringing in high-quality talent and technologies to speed and scale up interventions by partnering with premier educational and technical institutions

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