Tamil Nadu

  • A producer company for the farmers, by the farmers

    July , 2018

    Support from the Trusts’ RGR Cell and Chinnaru Farmer Producer Company reduce cost of cultivation and improve profits for Karunanithi and Sakthi

  • Integrated pest management methods improve yields for cotton farmers

    August , 2016

    Cotton farmers in Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, discover the secret of integrated pest management to save their fields of white gold and reap better returns

  • Clinical Establishment

    Improving the availability of curative health services in rural and remote areas of the country

  • South India

    Programmes focus on the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana

  • Reviving the Green Revolution

    Punjab was the leading state in North India to harness the benefits of the Green Revolution. But with time, technologies such as high-yielding seeds, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and farm mechanisation lead to exploitation of natural resources - particularly ground water, deterioration in soil fertility, and environmental pollution.

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