Sir Ratan Tata

  • WaSH, a step towards an improved quality of life

    October , 2015

    Each morning, before dawn, Sangeeta and a group of women from Gawana village, Tehri Garhwal, trek a steep and arduous 3-km route to the nearest water source

  • A canal to a better life

    September , 2015

    Dwarka, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Kutch in the state of Gujarat, is also called the ‘City of Gold’. A few kilometres away, in the coastal area of Okhamandal taluka, Mithapur block of the Devbhumi Dwarka district, lies Korada village.

  • A clean, fresh start

    September , 2015

    Sanitation was never perceived as an issue by the tribals of Nagaland until the locals began to learn and practice the use of toilet facilities

  • Empowerment means the power to think, reflect and comprehend

    September , 2015

    The state of Rajasthan has witnessed significant efforts to improve the economic conditions of the poor; yet, there are groups that face a severe disadvantage in accessing their rights, especially girls belonging to scheduled tribes

  • Fruitful beginnings

    September , 2015

    The Sanjeevani Institute for Empowerment and Development programme helped Sahebrao Supadu Bhoye from Shevage village in becoming a lead vegetable farmer in his village

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    Providing critical momentum to mental health action in the country and to significantly reduce the burden of mental illness

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